Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Weightbearing Restrictions Really Do Make Sense Now

I still feel like I am doing really well and the nausea is non-existent. Unfortunately, I remember it once or twice starting day 2 or 3. I spoke with the PA at my OS office yesterday, my biggest concern is the nausea, since I am pretty familiar with how the hip will heal. I left the hospital with a scopolamine patch which is good for 72 hours. I am nervous about what will happen after the 72 hours, even though I don't have even a bit of nausea. He assured me that if I want, he will call another one in for me. Its a good thing I am a junkie on anti-naseau meds and not narcotic painkillers!

Again, I spent a good part of the day in bed with ice packs, I got out to shower (whoops, still early to shower I think), rode the bike 2 or 3 times (vicodin makes me forgetful and dumb) and my friends came by with lunch for me. Sitting is painful sometimes so I avoid it as much as possible. I also had an "outing" today, well, more like an outing out of my apartment! I went down to the lobby twice, once to get L off of the school bus and once to get Jk as he was being dropped off from a playdate.
I am going to blame this one on the Vicodin, being that it is such a good pain killer for me, and that it makes me stupid, when I got out of bed earlier, I accidentally put all of my weight on the operated leg...holy shit...I literally saw stars. And here I was thinking that I don't really need crutches! Now I see that I really do! Since I haven't really ventured into the real world yet, I haven't put on my lovely bledsoe-philippon brace. In the past I have been pretty non-compliant with it, I think this time I will use it to avoid going into ER or extension, since I am supposed to avoid it anyway, and when I forget, the pain quickly reminds me.
Tomorrow is my first day of PT, again, I am breaking the "rules" since I was supposed to go yesterday. I took the liberty of making my own PT schedule this time since the last 3 times I was not at all happy to have to get dressed and out of the house so soon. I am also not looking forward to eventually having to get my ROM back.

I am not having any of the pre-op groin pain. I have butt pain and a lot of surgical pain anteriorly. I am really swollen too, not just my right leg, but all over, my ankles are swollen, my calves...I just look and feel puffy!

Thank you to everyone who has written to me, or posted comments on my blog. Once I can sit at the computer, I will be able to respond to the comments, for now I am blogging with my blackberry from bed!


SHC said...

Whoah Nellie! Take it easy! I can't believe you SHOWERED, BIKED, and PUT WEIGHT ON YOUR LEG already! We all want this to be THE LAST surgery for you!!! =)

But it is nice to know you are doing well...just really, PLEASE slow 'er down a bit!

Now, I'll stop "momming" you to death! ;)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're doing great!! Yay for you!


Susie said...

the weightbearing was completely accidental and will NOT happen again1=! I tend to learn from mmy mistakes!