Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shoulder Update

I was able to get an appointment today for my shoulder, luckily, as I don't think I could have gone on for one more day with that pain. My shoulder OS was not happy to re-inject me at all :-( He was worried about fat atrophy and warned me that if ti happened I would not be happy. I explained that I am having hip surgery on 12/1 and cannot address shoulder until after that. I also added that it is hard for me to work and function at the moment given the pain. He thinks I need to get it taken care of, possibly before hip. Given my current mental and emotional state regarding my hip, that is not even up for discussion. He asked me how often I use my hip to manipulate a patient!!! Good point, but I'm still not even considering that. I think I am probably going to schedule it about 5 weeks after hip surgery, I know it is crazy but I need to get everything taken care of once and for all.

I spoke to my PT since I was at the hospital and we discussed my upcoming hip surgery and I wanted his take on the shoulder. He agrees that it needs to be taken care of and thinks 5 weeks after is not at all unreasonable.

So...hip then shoulder.......HEELLLPPP!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why Why Why

Aside from my ridiculous, drawn out hip issues, I think I have mentioned that I also have a shoulder issue. I have had 2 cortisone injections, the each last about 6 months. I am at that 6 month mark right now and in excruciating pain. the last time I saw my shoulder doc he warned me that he won't keep injecting me forever, eventually I will have to "address" the issue. "Addressing" the issue obviously means surgery, which at this point is just plain funny to me, I mean, how many surgeries can one person have in such a short amount of time?

At the same time though, how much pain can I deal with in such a short amount of time? People have suggested that I have my shoulder and hip done at the same time which must be just about the dumbest thing anyone could say. But, I am seriously considering doing it 4 or 5 weeks later...the pain is that bad. I have an appointment with my shoulder doc in about a month but there is no way I can wait that long. I am going to call today and beg and plead for an appointment tomorrow, I need an injection just to work, sleep, take care of my kids etc. And I will be open to discussing (not scheduling) surgery...I can't keep living like this.

On a brighter note, I have had to pop Advil like candy just to function with this shoulder pain and my hip is reaping the benefits!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Pre-op Appointment

I field a lot of questions from fellow hip pain sufferers, whether it be about surgeons, surgeries, insurance questions etc. I am more than happy to help since I know first hand what it is like to be alone and afraid and not have the answers. The only question that often times annoys me is "what should I ask my surgeon"? I really can't answer that, you need to ask him the questions that YOU have about your hip. What may be important to me may not be important to you and vice versa. With that being said, I went to my appointment with a LONG list of questions for my OS.
I needed this to help calm me down and get all of my questions answered. I also needed this to make it more "real" for me! It went really well and he answered a lot of my questions before I even asked them! Its good that we can still joke around about things bc it makes difficult decisions a lot easier! When I told him that I need the post-op/ rehab to be perfect bc this is the 5th time we are having this conversation, he jokingly said "No, its the 4th time, don't exaggerate!!"
So below are the questions I had written down to ask him followed by his answer. I also scheduled another appt a few weeks before the surgery bc I'm sure I will have more questions. If u think I left something out plz let me know and I will bring it up next time.

1)What r we calling the procedure?
Labral reconstruction
2)How long will the procedure take?
Forgot to ask!
3)Will I be able to go home that day?
4)What will u be using for the allograft for the labrum and the capsule?
Labrum- sometimes uses a rectus femoris autograft but will use semitendinosus allograft
Capsule- achilles allograft with synthetic scaffold

5)How do u secure the allograft?
The same way as a labral repair- with anchors and sutures + scraping bone to make it bleed a little
6)What exactly is the scaffold that u want to use for the capsule?
He used a name but I forgot! It has been used for rotator cuffs for abt 10 years
7)I really think its impt for the capsule to scar down- brace? For how long?
Not the philippon brace bc its not too effective, not hip dislocation brace bc I will be miserable- he found a different brace at bauerfiend, looks like philippon brace but "better", also 1 boot @ night to prevent rotation
8)What will my WB status be and for how long? Do we need to protect the graft?
Same as labral repair, labrum is not load bearing and only stressed in extreme ROM, so 2 weeks of 20lbs wb and mostly to my comfort
9)How long until I can drive?
When I am off narcotics
10)My hamstring tendon has a chronic tear, r u going to address it?
Prob not, it tends to tear with hip pain bc you post tilt your pelvis and it becomes shortened and can tear and in severe cases rupture. He may put in PRP
11)Sub spine impingement- do I have it?
Prob don't have it but will double check- doesn't really matter bc the part he will be scraping down to attach the allograft is where he would shave down
12)What do I do abt PT? I only want P...does he only see professional athletes these days :-)
Yes- professional athletes and me!!! Absolutely, he wouldn't have me go to anyone but P
13)Shoulder- when to get cortisone injection? I already had 2, shoulder OS said only one more- so do I get it now? Or will my shoulder be worse on crutches, should I save it for then? Or can I convince shoulder OS to inject 4x?
It will prob hurt on crutches but don't worry, I can inject it for u a 4th time but don't tell him :-)
14)Pre-op Class, do I have to go?
Yeah, if u want to teach it!!
15)Pre-op online questionnaire do I fill it out?
Yes, its like a report card on me! Hopefully one day ur score can be high!!
16)Post op appts- I want to see my OS at suture removal- receptionist said I can only see nurse- I was pissed!
I can see OS