Friday, December 25, 2009

My Fat Ankle

This morning I had a little incident, nothing really happened, but I will still refer to it as such. I was standing up, doing nothing, and I must have either very slightly turned my leg or turned my body and I felt this very sharp pain deep in the joint. It was a very specific point, and it was a reminder to me that things are still healing and I have a ways to go before things are normal again.

I had PT today and I felt the effects of the incident, I had to lower the weight on the leg press and eccentric SLR were painful and my psoas popped a lot. I stopped doing these.

We are now in Miami, its been a long day, between packing, getting to the airport, the flight... J talked me into taking one crutch since the gates are far, and I am glad bc I ended up using it. Now, I am finally in bed with extremely swollen ankles, heavy legs and a sore hip. Not too mention twice vomited on by an adorable Zk who is sick!

I emailed BK's PT to discuss my concern about the ER. He said obviously don't push it, and he said that I may be one of those people who don't scar down after the seems I am always "one of those people"!

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Anonymous said...

you wanna borrow the dreaded hip brace to help with your scar tissue production (tee hee)..almost done with it you know and would love to give it away!