Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Putting Out

Yesterday, I was speaking with a patient who recently underwent a total hip replacement after years of groin pain. I have treated her for quite a while so we have become close. She was asking me about my hip, and how I am coping.....She asked if I was depressed. I am not, surprisingly. I think so many people with pain are, and I understand why, but luckily, I am not one of them.

The topic of sex got brought up (remember, besides for orthopaedic issues, I am also a pelvic floor therapist). I told her that sex is one of the hardest things for me, it oftentimes hurts, and when the act itself doesn't hurt, I pay for it the next day.

She thought about it for a second and said to me: "Honey, you better put out for him because you don't want him to get it from somewhere else"

Duly noted!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures....Or At Least I Thought So

I haven't really mentioned it here before but Z has given me a run for my money. As cute and adorable as he is, he is constantly sick and having "issues" that worry me. His latest has been scary sounding wheezing. About 3 months ago, I took him to a pulmonologist, we will call him douche bag. Db basically said that Z was fine and I was an idiot/ crazy mother who thinks that sniffling is wheezing. I checked DB out with some friends and it turns out that he is pretty much the top pediatric pulmonologist around, but there was no way I could ever deal with him. After discussing with my pediatrician, she agreed that he indeed had acted like a db and that I needed a new pulmonologist ASAP since she was convinced Z would need constant care from one.

Fast forward to about 1 month ago, I see the new pulmonologist, NP. He took one listen to Z and confirmed that he has asthma and some other crazy breathing stuff going on that I won't get into. He thinks he may need to do a bonchoscopy..... this does not make me happy. He told me to try some meds first and come back in 2 weeks.

This is where the desperate times/ desperate measures comes into play. I took Z to a chiropractor after being convinced by a co-worker (non-PT) and a family friend.
The chiropractor assures me that he can "fix" Z. Fast forward 2 weeks, Z has been on his meds and seeing the chiro and is doing great.

Today the chiro suggested I should see him too. I laughed. My issues are soooo ridiculous and so complicated, you don't want me, trust me!! So I left and walked back home, during which I was in a ton of pain. I decided that at that moment in time I was willing to try anything....so I called him and he told me to come in.

He started off by taking an x-ray of my lumbar spine/ pelvis. He was shocked at what he saw. My iliac crests were not even, trochanters were not even and my spine curving in some funky way. I am not quite sure what he had expected but he said that he would expect the spine to curve the other way given the leg length discrepencies. He suggested putting a small lift into the shoe on the non painful side. He did some manips and I was in a lot of pain. The rest of the day the groin pain was pretty bad.

So now I can add chiropractic to my list of "what makes my pain worse", which now includes: walking uphill, pushing my stroller, PT, sex, repetitive crouching to the floor (like when cleaning up toys) and other random activities. I am puting all my money on the PRP injecion!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Injection # 6...Scheduled...Finally

To show that I am not an impatient bitch, here is a timeline of events....

Jun 6- all hell broke loose in my hip
Jun 17- appt with BK
Jun 26- MRI
July 2- spoke to BK re MRI and getting cortisone injection
July 21- Cortisone injection
July 29- spoke to BK re PRP injection
so when would you guess it is scheduled.......

no...keep going........

a little longer........

Sept 2- PRP injection scheduled

so yes, I am slightly annoyed and growing impatient. I haven't posted about the annoyance in getting this one scheduled but the mere act of writing about it annoys me. But here it goes. I spoke to BK on a Wed. He said "let's try to get it done this week", to which I simply replied "ok", I wasn't about to start explaining to him how miserable it is to schedule something with his office (I will save this for my next appointment, which will be Sept 25th). I was also supposed to wait for his office to call me with the appointment time.

6 days later, I, of course, had heard nothing, so I called them. They were trying to figure out which hospital should do the injection (HSS or NYP). I let the rest of the week go by, still nothing. I called them back on Monday (this is now 1 1/2 weeks later)....still trying to schedule (it was decided that yes, it could be at NYP with the good radiologist). Radiologist was not in the office that day so nothing could be done. I finally got a call the next day, could I do the following Monday at 10:30? No. I see patients then. Of course, during the past week and a half, no one bothered to ask me what my availability was, mind you, I am pretty flexible, I only see patients 3 mornings/ week, but this never occurred to anyone.

Fast forward to yesterday, 2 weeks + 1 day since it was decided that I would get the PRP. I called his office to see what the problem was now. To which I got this response: "Oh, didn't X call you?" NO...."Can you do Sept 2 at 10:30?" FINE. Clearly I was not about to start having them find me an earlier time, I will take what I can get with them and just deal with it....complain about it, but just deal with it!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You must think I’m crazy!!! (my little secret)

No, this isn’t Susie writing today. I’m her 25 yr old brother who had surgery on Feb 23, 2009 to repair a partially torn labrum of the right hip. I do follow this blog, not religiously like some, and yes, on occasion I’ll comment either as myself, or anonymously like my brother in law and write obnoxious comments. ie don’t hesitate to amputate. But I digress, I’d like to let all of you a little secret, and I don’t say this because Susie is a PT but because it’s true. PT with my therapist, Ira saved my life. My life is dominated by sports, ice hockey, tennis, soccer and the most recent to be added to my list is the triathlon. (oh yeah, skydiving too). I get moody and slightly depressed if I’m not active or in this case, hyper-active. (no I don’t have ADD) Immediately after surgery Susie pushed me to my limit, which on days 1-3 post-op was extremely limited, but this little lesson would help me along the way. PT 2x a week, swimming for an hour every day and stretching with thera-bands among other things. I won’t get to technical with my stretches and regimen b/c that’s not my thing. I’m an analyst by trade. But here’s a little timeline…
8 days out one crutch, 15 days no crutches, 3.5 weeks a mile on the treadmill, 6 weeks 15 minutes running on the treadmill, 10 weeks back on the tennis court, 12 weeks 20 miles on the road bike in an hour Now I won’t say I’m 100% because I do feel pain every now and then, but nothing to indicate a tear. Just general tightness which is easily alleviated by a few stretches but 90-95% sounds about right. I’m 5 ½ months out, I’m back on the ice, playing soccer, riding my bike, playing tennis 2-3x a week and just got back from the state tennis tournament. (4 matches in 3 days in 95 degree heat and 90% humidity). A little hip pain won’t stop me! I just try my best to stretch and stay loose everyday. If you think my life sounds hectic and my days are consumed by sports, you’re right. Did I mention I have a girlfriend too? Oh yeah I like to go out drinking when I get home after playing. So figure I get home at 10, shower, go out and wake up at 7:30 everyday and do it all again. What do you think, can you handle it? Oh wait, I forgot to mention, I’m eyeing a triathlon late Sept early October. You must think I’m crazy!!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Still Waiting

It has been 6 days since I spoke with Dr. Kelly regarding the "new plan". I have not been able to schedule the injection yet. I finally got around to calling his office today, there seems to be a conflict regarding the vendor of the machine for the PRP and which hospital uses which (big fat mess). There may be a possibility that the radiologist who has been doing my injections will not be able to do this one because his hospital uses the "other" vendor. As usual, red tape and silly delays.

In the meantime, I am truly miserable. I am in so much pain a lot of the time, and having ass pain again. Feeling like I am back to square one is taking an emotional toll on me and I am just worn out. I don't even know if I agree that my pain is being caused by the joint capsule having a problem. My pain is the same as it was pre-op, I have pain with flexion and internal rotation and I have lost most of my active internal rotation on that side. I am really concerned. I am sure, positive actually, that all of the impingement was removed during my last surgery. I don't think I would have had such a great year and a half, and pregnancy and delivery, but what is going on now? He did mention that it is possible for the bone to grow back, but that just seems insane to me.

And if it did, then what? why would removing it again guarantee me that it wouldn't happen again?? And why does my ass hurt?