Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Frustration

My goal at this point is to be pain free and no longer need to take narcotics. Unfortunately, I have not hit this goal. I would also really like to be able to ambulate in the house with one crutch, this too is not happening. Usually, the reason I can't go down to one crutch is weakness and a horrible limp. I don't think I am that weak this time, I actually have pain if I put too much weight on that leg...except if I take Vicodin. so I land myself in this situation, I can do a lot more with Vicodin on board, but it is just masking the pain. Once it wears off, I have a lot of pain. I don't remember having this much pain any other time. I will have to go back and read my old posts again, but I am pretty sure I didn't.

I am also exhausted beyond belief. I can't sleep at night bc I am limited to which positions I can get into. I can't sleep on the operated side bc it is really painful, still swollen, and still has some bursitis. The bruise on that side continues to get worse, it looks awful.

Anytime I try to do exercises the leg feels so stiff and swollen, almost like it wants to burst at the seams. Occasionally, I will get this funky kind of pain in the front of my thigh and then down in my foot, I assume this is some sort of nerve irritation and hope it resolves quickly. My ITB is still very tight and tender.

Today I have PT again, hopefully I will leave feeling better this time!

I keep forgetting to mention the good news...the left leg is holding up beautifully, no pain or soreness. Occasionally a bit of fatigue but that is it!


Sloan said...

Hey Sue doing so so? Just remember everyday that goes by means another day of healing. Don't worry this too will pass :}

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you're having such a rough time, but aren't you under non-weight bearing instructions?

That would mean two crutches, all the time.

Are you on a regimen of NSAIDs? I took a lot for three weeks after surgery just to get the swelling out, as prescribed by my doc. I used the ice pack a lot (A LOT) for those three weeks, too.

Those were the things that helped the most. (and, um, the crutches, lol).

Hang in there!

Susie said...

I am not non-weight bearing, I am partial weight bearing, progressing to full weight bearing as tolerated. I took NSAIDs for 5 days to prevent HO but can't really take more than that, although I am beginning to think I should try anpther 5 days and hope and pray nothing happens.