Sunday, May 24, 2009

J's Update

I think a while back I mentioned that J was complaining of hip pain. It has been bothering him again, and pretty bad, so he finally has allowed me to make him an appointment to see Dr. K. I can't help but laugh (really hard), but really, its not so funny! I think he may have bilateral FAI and torn labrums. I hope he can get an appointment soon because I don't know how much more complaining I can take!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Another "Jeff" Update

My brother is now about 2 1/2 months post-op. He is running, swimming and playing doubles tennis. This is after hip arthroscopy for cam and pincer FAI and a torn labrum (debridement). To add "insult to injury" (bc hey, I was soooo not even close to being this active at 2 1/2 months out) he went skydiving this past Sunday and had no trouble whatsoever! I think he is in the clear to call his surgery a success!!!
On another positive note, J is now 6 months post-op from his surgery and down 96 lbs!!! Here we are celebrating his 29th b-day! Looks like Z is more interested in the cake than anything else!

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Gross and Rainy Day

For those of you who live in the Northeast, I need not tell you about the dreary weather we have been having. It is cold and wet and just gross. Occasionally, when this happens, my hip will flare up. Not so much the actual joint, but minor problems I have had along the road to recovery seem to rear their ugly head on days like this.

The biggest problem is my residual nerve damage. If you remember way way back, after hipscope #3, I had a large patch of numbness on the front of my thigh. This slowly went away but was painful at times. On days like today, I have a lot of pain and soreness along the front of my thigh. It is also tender to the touch. I assume there was some sort of trauma to my lateral femoral cutaneous nerve and it is not fully healed. Will it ever be? Who knows.

I also had a bit of adductor tendonitis today, which I assume is also weather related. So this morning I was not a happy camper in hipville. Things have since calmed down and I am back to status quo, but it makes me wonder if this is something I will have to live with forever.....