Saturday, December 12, 2009

Warning: Graphic, Read At Your Own Risk

No, this is not a sex post!

Now that that is out of the way, I can begin. I have been having a lot of pain on the outside of my hip, it is swollen and ugly and bruised, and tender to the touch. The sutures came out Wed. and have been covered with steri strips, but one of them has felt very hard and had a huge lump around it. I decided that this may be scar tissue so began working on it earlier in the week. It didn't change much. Last night I decided to take off the steri strips (even though I had been told to keep them on for a week) and see what was going on. Indeed, there was a hard lump around one of the incisions. I began once again trying to work on the scar tissue when suddenly, a gush of blood shot out from a small opening at the bottom of the incision. As this happened, I felt a release around the incision. As I squeezed the lump, blood oozed from the tiny opening. It was very dark blood. The lump got smaller and smaller as I squeezed. I suddenly had less pain in the area and the lump was disappearing. Last night I was able to sleep on my operated side for the first time since surgery. It seems I had a pocket of fluid collecting under one of the incisions. I had a similar issue after my c-section with L, a pocket of fluid collected under the incision.

As far as yesterday went, I was really getting depressed. Today wasn't too much better so I put myself on a low dose of Zoloft, leftover from my first 2 postpartum weeks. It did the trick then and should do the trick now!

I have a lot less pain today, I haven't taken any type of pain medication (including OTC) in 24 hours. I can walk in the house almost all the time with one crutch, when I fatigue I need 2, usually I feel it in the IT band first and then I know its time for 2 crutches. I am going to a concert tonight...wish me luck!

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Jess said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better Susie!
I had a hard lump under each of my incisions too, though this has gone down they are still a little hard. Never had any oozing though!
Sounds like you're progressing really well, doesn't sleeping on your side feel great! It gives the other side a nice break :-)
Enjoy your concert!