Sunday, June 27, 2010

When in Doubt, Find An Experienced Surgeon

When I had my appointment with BK, we did some talking about why my surgeries failed and what he has learned, and why his surgeries no longer fail. Unfortunately for me, I got injured 3 years too early. Lucky for everyone else, he too has (and the other "big names") changed his technique. For starters, I could have avoided revision surgery #1 bc now he ALWAYS takes down cam impingement in women. He has found that addressing just a pincer is a big mistake bc women for the most part have larger femoral heads, by doing a rim decompression the problem is just exacerbated. I could have avoided revision #2 bc he now ALWAYS closes the capsule at the end of the surgery, way back when, it was left open. Some lucky few of us subluxed our hips and required the capsule to be tightened (hence the capsular shift I most recently underwent).

What I thought was so interesting was that he was able to just look at my plain x-rays and see that my left was done with the old techniques, and the right with new techniques. He has taken some bone down in each surgery and the final result is a "perfectly shaped" hip on the right! The left looks good, but not quite as "beautiful" as the right, despite the fact that the left NEVER gives me trouble.

Monday, June 21, 2010

"The Recommendation...And What I Am Doing About It

I have been having episodes of groin pain and tightness, definitely better than
a few months ago, but still making me crazy anyway. I just don't want to deal
with it anymore. I saw BK last week, my x-rays look great. Actually, my multiple
scoped hip looks fantastic angle-wise, my single scoped hip doesn't look 'as
perfect' to him, but it is perfect to me! He thinks I should go back to PT to
address my lingering tightness and pain. I agree, but.... I really don't want to
go back to PT! I love my PT but at almost 8 months out, I don't want to continue
or go back. I have decided to work on it on my own and in my craziness I am
starting a 'couch to 5k' program tomorrow. I desperately want to get into an
exercise routine, and have a goal, and be excited to do it. I think this is a
good way. I really hope this won't make my pain worse or my capsule tighter. My
plan is to start tomorrow, if all goes well this week then I will splurge on a
good pair of running shoes next weekend. J is training with me and I think I
convinced my parents too!

Hopefully this can get my past the latest bump in the hip journey!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Am I Micro Managing?

Am I being crazy and unrealistic? Wed I knew I was in for trouble, since I had to go do a presentation at L's school. her school is built on the side of a hill ( a very steep hill). Getting there was no problem, since her classroom is close to the bottom. Coming back up was quite an adventure. I still have a lot of trouble walking uphill. That night I had a ton of pain which I wasn't expecting, and made me quite mad!! I really don't think I should be dealing with pain like this at this point, and quite frankly I need this hip to start behaving!