Friday, June 26, 2009

MRI #4...Over!

All my nervousness and planning was for nothing! I "passed" with flying colors, I don't even think my heart rate went up once during the scan. I followed my own rule about keeping my eyes closed the whole time, let the cool "breeze" from the machine's fan keep me feeling like I was not in an enclosed space, and actually enjoyed the time away from work, kids and my blackberry! I did bring a cd with my own music but it stopped working after the first song, I'm not sure why, the technician wasn't too savvy with the stereo system, but despite this, I was still cool as a cucumber! I did inform her that I was nervous, which at first didn't thrill her. But I explained that it was my 4th scan (5th if you count the knee one last year) and I have always gotten through them. She wanted to know what I did, so I explained that deep breathing helps and that the technician tells me how long each particular series will take. She seemed ok with that and spoke to me in between scans. It even got annoying because I almost fell asleep!!!

Now, the waiting game begins for the results! I will be at a continuing ed course all day Sun, Mon and Tues, so this should keep me occupied! I will post once I know!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Too Cute

and an update....
My pain has not gone away but it is a little better. Saturday I did absolutely nothing...I didn't even leave the house, and I felt fine. Yesterday I did a little more and the pain was there, but it is clearly related my activity level. I played some Hopscotch Twister with L and of course the pain came back. I have managed to change my MRI appointment to this Friday (one week earlier than originally scheduled) so we will see....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And the Good News is.....

Today was my appointment with Dr. Kelly. I had my first ever post-op x-rays done. They showed that my joint space is great on both sides, no arthritis and no narrowing of the joint space! Hurray!!!

One view of the x-ray showed a 'shadow'...he wasn't too clear on what it as, but another view did not have it. Shadow on x-ray=MRI :-(

He thinks there is a possibility that my hip may have subluxed and spontaneously reduced the night when all this started. This may have resulted in a cartilage injury. Possible cartilage injury= MRI :-(

The good news is that he really doesn't think I could have damaged any labral tissue, since it has all been debrided! The good/bad news is that oftentimes the labrum sort of regenerates and you get a nice layer of fibrocartilage there, not quite as good as the articular cartilage labrum, but better than nothing. the bad news is that this may have been injured. Again, possible regenerated labrum injury= MRI :-(

So, as you may have imagined, I have to have an MRI. This will be my 4th, yes, 4th hip MRI in 2 years!

He wanted me to get it tomorrow or the next day, I have soooooo much going on this week between ballet recitals, Pre-K graduations, end of the year parties, parents visiting....this was not a possibility. Luckily (for me), the hospital is booked solid for MRI's for a week and a half, the next available appointment was next Friday @6:00pm. This doesn''t work. Monday and Tuesday I have full day continuing education courses, so Wed, July 1st is the first day I can go. Deep down, I think I am hoping the pain will go away and I can cancel it. I am also looking to score some tranquilizers before I do it LOL!!!! I will have to read back on my surviving MRI tips if I go through with this!

Here is a clip from L's recital. She is the one in pink in the middl.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Making Headway???

This whole thing has me extremely upset and anxious (which is why I can't sleep at 10:30 when normally would be passed out). I "broke down" today and called Dr. Kelly's office. I am just so confused as well about this.

We spoke this evening, I explained what I did (or lack of "did"). He thinks its possible that my hip may have 'slipped', so I should get an x-ray. Its also possible that my extremely tight psoas (yes, it's very tight and snaps) may have been put into a lot of tension when I was sitting indian style and could have irritated the joint. There could be synovitis. Also, by addressing the FAI surgically, the cartilage can soften making it more susceptible to injury.

So the plan is to see him (he was sooo nice and accommodating) and get an x-ray. I am juggling my schedule in my head trying to figure out the best way to do this. Friday is looking good. Hopefully, the x-ray will be ok, and my joint didn't shift or move or slide (not sure what the solution is to that), then an MRI (shoot me). I asked him if he thought an MRI would show anything at this point, he said it would show an acute injury or inflammation or synovitis. Then, maybe an injection. I'm not taking any anti-inflammatories bc of my other issues (Crohn's disease), and haven't taken anything for pain, but was reminded tonight that Tylenol works great for me.

J thinks I am overreacting and had the audacity to tell me I have a low tolerance for pain. Need I remind him I just had a baby without any drugs at all, as well as the lack of drugs I ever took pre-op. Yes, I am freaked out, but after all I went through, I REALLY can't go through it again.

Speaking of J, he is down 100+ lbs

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This Really Can't Be Hapenning To Me

I am still in pain. It has been 3 days and no relief. Yes, I am completely freaking out. This is not supposed to happen.I am supposed to live "happily ever after".

I feel a lot of the achiness and soreness in the groin that I have had in the past, but luckily, the sharp (impingement) pain is not there. Synovitis? Psoas tendonitis? labral re-re-tear? I have no idea, but I am scared.

What am I going to do? I'm not sure yet. should I call BK? I am not in the mood to deal with office shit and waiting days (weeks?) for a return phone call. I also will not have an MRI at this point. I think it would show nothing, regardless of whether something is there or not given the vast amount of work I have had done already. Maybe it is early onset arthritis, I should get an x-ray, especially since I have never had one done post-op. what I really, really want is a cortisone injection (not sure into what though) to get the magical pain relief it has provided me in the past!

I will keep you posted!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Anyone have any Ideas????

It has been 1 1/2 years since my last hip scope and as you can see, things have been great! Last night, I was sitting indian style on my bed, feeding Z, I went to get up and had an awful stabbing pain in the right hip (revision side). I ended up going to sleep in the middle of the movie that J and I were watching, not because the pain was unbearable, it is more of an annoyance. It is starting creep up in intensity as I sit and write this, and when I try to cross my legs it hurts. I have no idea what is going on, no energy to really think too much about it, less energy to apply my own professional opinion to it (Z is not sleeping through the night yet, but he is soooo cute, 20 lbs of solid cuteness), but need this to go away. Anyone care to give their opinion?