Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Checking In

Wow, what a slacker I have been! The truth is that I turn to my blog when things are not going well, and well, for the most part they have! I am not running at the moment bc it was bothering my hip, but between you and me, running is probably stupid and I shouldn't be doing it. I also just left my job of 5 years, but decided I wanted to try my new job before quitting, so for a period of time I was at 2 jobs. I am now back down to one job and feeling a lot more calm. As far as my hip goes, it has been tightening up, and the capsule gets caught on something and I experience a lot of clicking. It also gets stuck sometimes and will pop loudly when it finally gets unstuck. I should go back to PT for a "tune up" but haven't had time! I will see how things go, and now that I have more time I will go back to running again, and see how I feel!