Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In The Blink Of An Eye

The rest of my day didn't go as well as the beginning. I will fast forward to the end of the night which featured me back on 2 crutches, then in bed with Vicodin.

My day did get a bit hectic, Jk had a doctor's appointment which involved me picking him up at school and walking to the appointment, probably a total of 7 blocks. Then giving the kids dinner, which involved a lot of whining, and "I don't want that". We had a leaky diaper incident, some bratty shower moments, and lots more whining.

I was not happy! Luckily J came to the rescue and took over bedtime responsibilities.Hoping for a better day today!


SHC said...

Hope your day goes better today's hard recovering, and still having your "mom" responsibilities to boot!

Sloan said...

They do make it go faster though.No matter how bad I am doing I love it when my daughter comes home from school. She fills me in on her day and just fill up the day even including the brat moments. Tee Hee

Susie said...

Well, last night I wasn't getting cheered up! Jk decided to open EVERY single wrapped present in my closet, including the 6 for his cousins and the rest for him and L. I was not happy!!

SHC said...

True Sloan...also helps us want to mend ASAP to get to do more with 'em! =)

Susie...OH NO! Leave it to the 'lil ones! Has to make you laugh in hindsight though!

Just put one of those tie-ties on the wardrobe cabinet that is filled with the gifts to keep wandering eyes...and HANDS...OFF! =)

Just over 12 and just shy of 14...and they STILL BELIEVE! ;) At least this year it was shopping IN PERSON vs. having to do it all online 'cause of the grindy hip which is no more! =D