Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6+ Months Post-OP

Wow, I have really neglected my readers so I sincerely apologize. Luckily, I have been extremely busy with my new practice and some days barely have time to breathe. As I previously wrote, I was having a period of intense anxiety with real, physical manifestations including heart palpitations and occasional high blood pressure. I have been able to almost completely control this with acupuncture treatments. It is such a wonderful feeling to feel like I am back in control of my own body. The first time I went, I was lying on the table and could feel my body relaxing, as I completely relaxed, pain crept back into my hip. As the anxiety has gotten under control, and as I have increased the number of hours I work, the pain in my hip has returned. If I had to choose anxiety or hip pain, I would choose hip pain any day.

I actually spoke with my OS last night and the only way I could explain it to him is that "my hip doesn't fit me right, it is still feeling too 'loose' ". He is at a complete loss and his only suggestion is to try PRP or prolotherapy into the capsule and hope it scars down. I am not doing anything at the moment, I have way too much going on with work, I am extremely overwhelmed with the responsibility and time it takes to make a new  practice successful...but I am loving it!! The PRP in my hamstring was a smashing success but I had 2 weeks of really bad pain, I really can't afford the downtime right now. I am scheduled to see him in 2 months, at that point I will re-evaluate the situation and if I am still in pain, possibly consider the injection. The cortisone was great while it lasted but I can't get another one yet, and its probably not a great idea if I want to preserve my hip in any way shape or form.