Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Weight loss Miracle

I thought I had posted this already but it seems that in the midst of a few winter storms and 2 preschoolers in the house, I actually did not.
J is now 5 1/2 weeks out from lap band surgery. The way lap band works is that for the first year you return to the surgeon monthly for adjustments to your band, to tighten it so that you feel some restriction. J's first scheduled adjustment was this past Fri. When he arrived, he saw the PA who could not believe how much weight he had already lost (just about 50 lbs). She said the average is 2 lbs per week, he is at around 5 lbs per week (since the surgery). She was so impressed that she called in the 2 surgeons who were in the office that day to see him, who were also blown away by his progress. They said they haven't seen this kind of result in a long time, if ever. They want their research team to contact him about it! He is soooo happy, as well as relieved that he avoided an adjustment that day!

He is still complaining of hip pain though. I am not sure if he should continue to wait a bit and lose more weight before addressing it, or get, at the minimum, an x-ray now. Actually, I am not sure how much whining I can take at the moment, so my patience may dictate how long he waits!!!

In the baby world, I have been having mild contractions/ cramping for a day and a half. It is nothing serious, more of an annoyance. I was at my OB yesterday who thinks it may be because the head is super low, but she would ideally not like this baby born for another 2 weeks. My bigger concern is that she is going on vacation on Saturday for a week, so if this baby is coming soon, it needs to come before Sat., or wait another week!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

HSS non-hip Visit Follow-Up

This past Thursday I took Jk back to his OS for a follow-up on his elbow. At first, the doctor went over the old x-ray and said he was still not sure what exactly was going on with his elbow but we should go get a second x-ray, if it didn't show bone healing, he would need an MRI. So we went down the hall, got the x-ray and came back. Thank goodness it showed that it was a fracture (as opposed to an infection or (no I am not joking) a tumor) and he is fine. It is healing nicely and the bone is filling in. He can also stop PT now! Hurray! My guilt is slowly starting to lift and I am becoming slightly less neurotic about him getting hurt!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around

You are not going to believe this......J, who is down over 40 lbs was lying on the couch last night and out of the blue says to me "you know, my hip hurts". WHAT.
So, by now, he obviously (one would hope) knows that "hip pain" is groin pain, and not pain on the outside of your hip, butt or thigh. But I reply "Where does it hurt", and he takes his index finger and points to that spot, you know the spot, right in the groin. THE spot. I couldn't help but laugh. Really, it is funny. "And", he added, "It hurt when I was walking to the train and it clicks". More laughter from me.

He was still lying on the couch. I told him to bring his knee up to his chest, I think he saw stars! When I had him turn the knee a little more to his opposite shoulder, he saw even more stars. I can already see where this is going and I am not prepared to handle it right now!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pain(s) in the A$$

34 weeks of pregnancy seem like an eternity, I am wondering at what point I can safely begin hoping to go into labor. Maybe 2 more weeks? I have an ultrasound scheduled for next week, to confirm that the baby is still in proper position and hopefully get an estimate on size. Maybe if it is really big I can will it out quicker!!!

I have been having a ton of ITB pain every night. It begins high, and will start with piriformis pain/spasm and travel down to my TFL and down the entire length of my ITB. It is horrific. It happens every night now when I "slow down". Walking helps the most but, hey, I need to sit down at some point. Interestingly, it is only on the right side (revision side). I also have been experiencing bolts of nerve pain at times, mostly on the right, that occur sometimes when the baby moves. This is why I have decided that it is a big baby! My first was 7 lbs, second was 8lbs 4 oz. If this one is going to also be a whole pound and 4 ounces bigger, we are looking at a 9 lbs 8 oz baby. I hope the trend does not follow!

What I am sort of hoping for is that my pelvis is beginning to separate and the muscles that attatch to it are trying to stabilize it, thereby going into spasm and causing me excruciating pain! I also have bouts of adductor pain but not as often.

J, who is down 42 lbs since surgery, has become an expert at ITB massage (it took him a while to figure out who to go with the fibers as opposed to across the fibers), but sadly, it does not help that much.

Jk has been in PT 2x/week for 2 weeks for his little elbow! He loves going and his ROM has improved. We are concerned about some possible swelling and bruising as well as lack of supination. He will be back at the doctor in a week so maybe they will take a repeat x-ray.

My brother has failed in PT! He still has pain and decided he needs surgery. He finally scheduled it this week and was given a surgery date of Feb 23rd. I know, 2 1/2 months away, crazy. But he is fine with it and doesn't wish to push for something sooner, so I won't either!