Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back On Narcs

I can't seem to win. Every time I think I have turned a corner with the pain, I end up doing too much and needing to go back on narcotics. I woke up this morning and I knew there was no way I was managing with one crutch, and no way I was managing without meds. Incidentally, it is a pretty gross day out. I also did a lot of walking in the city last night (ok, not a lot, but a lot for me) and a lot of stairs at a night club where we went to a concert. I did really well last night, just got a little stiff from sitting too long.
This morning I had a lot of quad/ thigh pain. My entire thigh still hurts, all the way to the knee now. It is most likely a side effect of the traction, I just hope it goes away soon. I also had pain deep, deep in the groin, near the adductor insertion, only deeper. I started with an Aleve, hoping to get away with just that. 20 minutes later I couldn't take it any more and ended up with half of a Vicodin. I feel better!

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