Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cleared For Surgery

I am officially cleared for my open surgical dislocation on Monday  I saw my OS yesterday, had pre-admission testing and medical clearance. I am good to go.

I was already pretty familiar with the procedure thanks to 6 years of dealing with my hip and google :-). A few things I had questions about he clarified though. The old allograft will come out completely with all the anchors and a new one will replace it. The old one is a semitendinosous tendon, the new one will probably be a post. tib tendon, they tend to fray less. The restrictions will be no active abduction or passive adduction. The flexion restriction will be determined in the OR based on when the labrum engages. Additionally, the capsule will hopefully be able to be reconstructed with my own tissue. The advantage of the open procedure is that the surgeon can actually feel the tissue rather than just see it with the scope. If it is of adequate quality it will be used to do a good, open reconstruction. If necessary, there will be a synthetic material on hand to support it.
I will have 6 weeks of protective weight bearing and no driving for about that long as well. 2-3 nights in the hospital, CPM, no brace.

I think that covers everything! Wish me luck.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Open Surgery Scheduled

December 3rd.....details to follow