Thursday, June 14, 2007


I know that my blog, up until now, has been out of order and maybe confusing at times, so I would like to make a timeline of events to make it clear what led up to 3 surgeries.
November 2005- Jk was born (2nd child, boy) via VBAC, I felt hip pain, but what didn't hurt! Pain went away on its own.
November 2006- Hip pain came back, ignored it for 2 weeks, on Jk's birthday (how ironic) pain was AWFUL, had 3 different PT's work on it, PT only made it worse
Dec 2006- Exercise makes my hip hurt more, manual therapy makes my hip hurt more, time to look into seeing a hip specialist
Dec 2006- Don't get to bed until after midnight, for weeks as I am doing tons of hip research and investigating specialists, come across 2 articles in JOSPT that are encouraging. Found hip labral tear and FAI web forums, learn a ton from other people's experiences
Dec 2006- Choose hip doc, get an appt one month later (see earlier post)
Jan 2007- See hip doc, agrees with self diagnosis, order's MRI (no injection, he believes his MRI machine is good enough to pick up a labral tear without contrast)
Jan 2007- Receive call form hip doc's PA, MRI showed tear and FAI, go get diagnostic injection and make an appt to see hip doc 2 weeks after
Jan 2007- Have injection (see earlier post), injection provides immediate relief
Jan 2007- Go to Disney World!!!!
Feb 2007- See hip doc again, he is pleased that I got relief with injection, lets hold off on surgery, maybe the injection was enough. I don't agree, I want to get this over and done with, as long as he feels comfortable operating. He says "oh, I feel comfortable, I just didn't know if you did!!"
Feb 2007- Schedule first hip scope for March 5
March 2007- First post-op visit, 1 1/2 weeks later, things seem to be going well, I mention that my other hip hurts, he says its compensation, we leave it at that, he wants to see me in 6 weeks
April 2007- 2nd post-op visit, at this point, the other hip is becoming a major issue, I make it very very clear to him, most importantly, it is affecting my rehab on the operated hip, so I want it injected, just for pain relief, he agrees and wants an MRI too
May 2007- 7am MRI followed by 12pm injection, relief with second injection
May 2007- doc calls, MRI positive, looks identical to MRI on other hip. He generally will operate a second time 8-12 weeks out from the first
May 2007- after 3 sleepless nights, I schedule the second surgery, they will be 17 weeks apart
June 28 2007- Twisting motion while applying make-up causes loud, painful pop in right hip
July 2 2007- Left hip arthroscopy, findings: torn labrum, cam and pincer impingement,loose bodies
July 18 2007- 1st post-op appointment, right hip pain is compenastion, left is doing fine
July 26 2007- Right hip is unbearable, call doc, decide to schedule MRI
July 31 2007- Right hip MRI- shows farying of labrum anteriorly and Cam impingement, doc says it is nothing to worry about, do I want injection? I will think about it
August 28 2007- Finally have arthrogram (intra-articualr injection), got 3 painfree hours
August 29 2007- See doc, discuss cam impingement in right hip, he tells me that sometimes he needs to do revision surgeries in cases like this
September 2007- Discuss situation with doc, he believes it may be my psoas as well, schedule CT scan, scan inconclusive
October 2007- Doc strongly suspects psoas involvement, I still disagree, we agree to try a psoas injection, bad reaction, mild pain relief
October 2007- See doc post-psoas injection, beg him to put me out of my misery, we agree to set a tentative date for surgery and wait 1 week to see how I fare with injection
October 2007- Injection did not help, Nov 12 2007 date set for Right hip revision arthroscopy
November 12 2007-Right Revision Hip Arthroscopy, cam impingement, scar tissue, synovectomy
April 2008- Get pregnant with Zk
January 2009- Zk is born, once again via VBAC (drugless too)
June 2009- After sitting in Indian Style for 30 minutes, I procees to stand up and hip is too painful to stand on
June 2009- MRI of R hip shows increased signal in capsule
July 2009- Intra-articular injection of right hip gives approximately 2 days of relief
September 2009- PRP injection of the joint capsule gives no relief
September 2009- BK tells me he thinks I need exploratory surgery (this will be surgery #4)
September 2009- I freak out, BK agrees to try one more injection
October 2009- Synvisc + Cortisone injection scheduled for right hip

November 2009-Schedule Hip Arthroscopy #4 (#3 for right side)
November 2009- Hip Arthroscopy #4 for possible HO, labral tear and capsular shift
February 2010 Hip begins to feel unstable, joint pain becomes awful at times
February 2010 I begin to become concerned that I have a TON of hip ER, despite capsular shift
March 2010 MRI to see what the issue is (this time...sigh)
March 2010 BK thinks it may be my psoas or capsule or scar tissue
March 2010 Discuss possibility of dynamic ultrasound and/or dynamic CT scan


Alessea said...

Hi there Susie
Just thought you might like to double check your "timeline" seems like you enjoyed 2006 so much it has lasted 2 years so far! I'm guessing that its a typing mistake?

Your blog is so great though

Susie said...

Thanks! It has been corrected and updated as well!

nichole_leck said...

Gosh you poor poor thing. How are you feeling now? I actually found you when I googled percocet. LOL it was prescribed for knee pain. I am terrified to take it though. :( Hope you feel better.

Susie said...

At 7 weeks out I am really happy with my results. I expect to make a full recovery. Percocet on its own is not bad....just makes me dizzy, coupled with anesthesia and other makes me violently ill!! good luck

casey said...

Susie! Thank you for the blog. I am 25 and have been diagnosed with cam impingement on my left hip. I have surgery next Thursday and it's nice to get a real view of things. I am nervous, but hopeful that this pain will go away soon!
Take care!

Susie said...

Casey- good luck with your surgery! Thanks for reading! Let me know fi you ahve any questions.

Anonymous said...

Just had surgery 6/2....needed to shave hip and bone and had labral tear....wondering about water therapy exercises?...did you do them?...and what did they entail?...did you need help in and out of water?

Susie said...

I did aquatic therapy after my first surgery when I was having trouble walking without a limp. I didn't go in until about 3 weeks out, when the sutures were removed and the incisions well healed. I used an above ground pool at my office and did not need help getting in or out. I did a lot of walking in the pool and lower extremity strengthening to improve my gait. Once I was able to walk without a limp with no crutches, I stopped aquatic therapy. I didn't do it for the next 2 surgeries bc I progressed well on land.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to come across your blog. I have been reading it off and on since yesterday! I think I have learned more from your experiences and links than any other research I have done on labral tears and hip scopes. So I thank you for that. I had a hip scope 9 months ago and still in a lot of pain. I am now scheduled for another MR arthrorgram to see what is going on. I've been told it's not common to have to do revision surgery so it's nice to hear that perhaps it's not all too rare and that I'm not alone. I hope you are pain free now though! Thanks again for sharing!

Anonymous said...


Found your blog, glad I did, A LOT of good info!!
I am not scheduled for arthroscopic surgery till Dec 08, have been searching for a diagnosis for a year, and finally was told I had a spur and possible fai, verified by x-ray. I did have a arthrogram MRI, but it did not reveal a tear, however my physical exam indicated a tear. I am nervous about this surgery, biggest fear, "what if it does not work?"
I have had most of the symptoms that are usually described, but also I lose balance,....I have not seen this described by anyone. I suppose it would make sense if the hip is not "normal", but I am just frustrated with the "whole" thing. From being active daily, to sedentary......even the walk to the mailbox is a challenge!!
Thanks for having this blog,....good to read others experiences :)
Take care!

richncruz said...

3 months post right hip FAI arthroscopic with femoral and rim trim. Actually I was shocked at the amount of bone they removed. they gave me a copy DVD of the surgery.I still have a very noticible limp at 3 months. It down right hurts. Is this normal? I have read other blogs and some say wait until 4-6 months, but this doesn's seem right to me. Does anyone have some insight on this?

Ann said...

I am so frustrated.. I am ready for surgery, 2 days before.. my Insurance Co: Keystone Health Plan East cancelled my surger.. deeming it "Experimental, Not covered."
I live in Phila. What can I do to get this approved? I am in so much pain, I do not need or want a THR. I really want to get this surgery and get on with my life.. any help out there, Please?

Louisa said...

Hi Susie,
I have just been diagnosed with a right Lab hip tear and bi-lateral FAI pincer. FAI diagnosed from xray and Lab tear from MRA. My question is my surgeon has suggested Arthroscopy to right hip, followed 3 months later to left.
He suggest repairing the tear, removing if poss the arthritic part of the cartilage as I have 5mm joint gap so he believes it possible and shaving away pincer bone.
Do you think I have enough images (xray and MRA) for him to know he can do this successfully without resorting to revision surgery?
I'm a little reluctant to have CT (q high radiation)if not necessary. But don't want to have to go thru what you have.
Thank you,
Louisa - new to this on:

hstryk said...

Wow.. that timeline is daunting to say the least! I'm hoping so much that this scope will be my one and only! Thank you for keeping up this blog and sharing your experiences. So sorry you've had to go through so much.

Jodi said...

Hi Susie,
I am so excited to have found you! After almost 3 yrs of xrays, drs, and much pain and missed activities, I was diagnosed with FAI (CAM), extensive labral tearing, and a subchhondral cyst. My Dr. is Jon Hyman in Atlanta, GA. My surgery will be scheduled in 2-3 wks and I am glad to know what is going on but very scared. Did you have a cyst? I just wondered. it is very helpful to see how you progressed and what your challenges have been. Are you better now?
Thank you,