Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Have Reached A New Low In Life

Wednesday was my PT session, as I had discussed with BK and my PT at the conference we were at on Friday. The conference lasted 2 days but I was only able to attend the first one. When I arrived to PT on Wed, I told my PT that my friend who had attended both days loved his presentation on the second day. He asked if she had heard the part about the difficult case he has now, who has tightness anteriorly due to a tightened capsule, but laxity posteriorly due to a torn ligamentum teres....hmm, "is that me?" I asked....Yep!! So my all time low is that I am the "difficult" and "challenging" case that is spoken about at conferences.

So PT was good, he thinks that if he mobilizes me anteriorly, it will give me more space and less pinching. I pinch in the front at 90 degrees of flexion, which is very upsetting to me, I would like to have at least 120 degrees of painfree flexion.

He did his thing and I got about 100-110 degrees of painfree flexion. But I was a bit unstable because I was working in a new range that I was not used to. He did a few adjustments, I was sore but felt like we had made progress.

Once I got home I was having tremendous posterior pain, which made absolutely no sense at all. I guess this whole thing makes absolutely no sense at I emailed my PT, who said to hold off on all stretches for now. I see him tomorrow for some more mobs. We spoke this morning again and I apologized for being so high maintenance!! He was going to speak to BK today and try to figure this whole thing out...again!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Pow Wow

Friday was the ortho conference given by HSS, the keynote speaker was Dr Byrd, which was very cool. Other speakers included BK and my PT. After the hip topic was over, Everyone swarmed over to BK, it was hysterical, he was so popular. He made his way through the crowd over to me, and we had a quick meeting! I said I just want us all to be on the same page about what is going on. So we agreed to try one thing in PT, he promised that if I wasn't getting good results he wouldn't make me do it for a long time, and that if when I am at PT this week, if things don't go well, he will come right over and see what is going on.
So, hopefully PT will be on Wed, and Wed night I will have great things to report!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And the Saga Continues...

Have you ever felt like you needed a time-out from life? I think that is exactly what I need right now. I spoke with BK last night about my ultrasound, he said that, "just as he thought", the problem is that the capsule is thickened and impinging in the joint. He thinks that for now, the solution is anterior hip mobs to stretch it out a little bit and give it more space. This is rather conflicting since prior to the MRI and Ultrasound, my PT wanted to avoid anterior mobs since he felt the joint was a little bit unstable. Now the thought is that it is too tight. See why I need a time-out.
I was emailing back and forth with a fellow hip friend last night, and one of the things she asked is what do I think is going on? Honestly, I have no idea whatsoever, I usually have at least an idea, a thought, something... I am just plain confused now.
The plan is for BK to speak with my PT today and see if he agrees that this 'plan' is a good idea. We are all going to be at an ortho conference on Fri, so the plan is to have a quick little meeting there and discuss this all together.

At this point I don't know how much more of this I can take. I had a mini breakdown last night, because after 4 surgeries, 8 injections, months and months of PT....I am done...I don't want my hip to run my life anymore.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ultrasound Report

There is mild deep surface fraying of the iliopsoas tendon which is otherwise preserved. No associated iliopsoas bursa is evident. Of note, there is a focal capsular thickening corresponding to abnormality noted on MRI. Area of focal capsular thickening appears to immediately overlie the anterosuperior labrum resulting in mild mass impression on the labrum. No discrete snapping or pain could be elicited with provacative maneuvers.

Mild ilipsoas tendinosis with deep sided fraying, right hip.
Focal lateral capsular thickening which appears to impinge along the anterosuperior labrum.

It was elected not to proceed with the ultrasound guided injection today pending discussion with referring clinician.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sometimes Even I Can't Believe that These Things Happen To Me

Today was supposed to be my ultrasound with 'possible' injection, based on what the radiologist and BK saw on the ultrasound. All was going well, I arrived to the hospital on time, they actually did have the appointment scheduled (which I am always a little shocked at!). Then things started going downhill, and all I can say is that I was fucking pissed.

The radiologist came in and looked at the prescription and chuckled a little, "possible injection?" he asked, so I explained that BK was supposed to be there too, so his assistant called BKs office, who, let me sidetrack for a moment, knew that this was supposed to be scheduled so that he could come, as well as my PT, since I had first told the scheduler and then he did as well. Well, you can imagine my shock when the radiologists assistant reported back to us that BK was on vacation. NFW. Why the hell was this scheduled for today then???? So, as you can see, this is why I am not just pissed, I am fucking pissed.

So the radiologist did the ultrasound, wasn't too interested in hearing what I had to say, or have me explain what exactly happens, and that I can't reproduce it at will. He did say that my psoas is somewhat irregular and the capsule is very thick. I asked if it was thick bc of the capsular shift, he said it was even too thick for that. He said he could inject either the psoas or the capsule or both, but really needed to know what BK wanted. So no injection today.

I left rather pissed off, but treated myself to some retail therapy!

Friday, April 9, 2010

UHC: 0 Susie: 1

I just checked my online EOBs with UHC and my surgery has been PAID for!! Whoohoo!!! They are paying $6750. I have not received anything in the mail yet, like a letter, an explanation, an apology :-) but just decided to have a look online!!!! What a way to start to the weekend!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stepping on Glass Was One of The Best Things I Could Have Done

I apologize for going MIA while in MIA! Things were just really hectic and I found it difficult to get to the computer.
My trip began with Z having a horrific diaper rash. As a remedy, I was letting him run around without a diaper. He ran into a corner and decided to poop on the floor. As I went to get him he knocked over a crystal picture frame and it shattered. There was glass everywhere and I just so happened to step on it and cut my foot...badly. So for 2 days I was pretty much homebound since it hurt to walk on my foot. My hip felt great with this rest! The rest of this trip was pretty low key, and as usual, Miami was a great 'cure' for hip pain!

I am beginning to think that the 'episodes' I was having were indeed my psoas doing something funky, but I still am not sure what exactly it is doing. I think that when I flex and feel whatever it is I feel, it is the psoas. I dont know what it is doing or why, or what the solution is, but I don't know if it is subluxing. I guess I am just confused again!

My ultrasound is next week, so hopefully it will shed some light on the matter!