Wednesday, July 7, 2010

5K Training...taking a break :-(

My 5K training has been going especially well, I a quite impressed with myself since I have never been a runner before but mentally really needed something to get me out of the "hip slump".
Last week I ordered a pair of Fit Flops thinking they would be great to help tone up my legs. Well....they were anything but great. I developed horrendous ankle pain, right worse than left. My right ankle is so swollen and painful that there are parts of the day that I think I have a stress fracture. I was wearing socks at Pilates yesterday and the swelling began hanging over the sock...gross!! When I first wake up it feels ok but as I start walking on it I feel it begin to swell and the pain comes back with a vengeance. It obviously doesn't help that I am on my feet the entire time that I am at work. I am hoping that this will go away on its own...not in the mood for doctors and x-rays :-(