Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Joy of Scheduling

In my craziness over the last few days, I neglected to let you in on the fun time I had scheduling my injection. After I was called on Friday to find out when would be good for me, I, of course, never heard back from anyone. I called again on Monday, spoke with J, who said A would call me, but she would let her know that I had called. Wednesday, no one had called me yet (and then you wonder why I have had pain for 3 months and am finally starting to get it resolved now), I called again. J answered. I told her no one had called me yet to let me know when my appointment would be. She put A on the phone. A: J told me she called and told you the appt would be on the 16th. sigh. Me: No, she didn't call me. And...after I initially spoke with J, I called her back and told her I had given her the wrong date, I need the week before, followed by an appt with Dr. Kelly. A: Oh, so J never called you? Me: No.
She was going to have to call me back to reschedule this, but the problem was that Dr. Kelly was only going to be in the office for half a day the next day. Screw it, I will leave work early, this is always soooooo complicated. It doesn't help that someone else is making appts for me. So while I was away, A called and left me a message with the appt time. I have to call and confirm it, wouldn't it be 'funny' if she gave away the appt bc I didn't call back soon enough!!!

Where Have I Been

Sorry to leave you guys in the dark for so many days. Truth be told, there is not a lot going on these days anyway, but in my defense, I was away since Wed. I am home now.
I finally have an appointment for my psoas injection, it will be a week from Tuesday (the 9th maybe), and then I see Dr Kelly the next day, when all decisions will be made. I am waiting to hear from Dr. Millis' office regarding my package.
The last few days were ok, I find that I go in cycles. My right hip was so bad in the beginning of our trip, I endued up taking a Darvocet on Friday and have been fine since then. The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago, the pain escalated to 'awful', I took a pain med and then didn't hear from it for a while.
I am thrilled with the left hip, It rarely hurts, occasionally it will remind me that there was a problem there, but I can run after the kids without a problem there. I am just about 3 months out. In the coming days I will post a detailed 3 month update, maybe I will have P take measurements and post them!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Too good To Be True

I do not have a date set for my injection. When someone actually called me to schedule it, I was shocked. Having not heard back from them with a day and time is more the norm. I will see what tomorrow brings.

I feel like I have finally "made it" in this world!!!
I have a feature on Google called 'Google Alert", I type in certain keywords or topics, and whenever a new webpage comes up in Google with these words, I receive an email with the link. Today, I received an email for my Google Alert keyword 'hip arthroscopy', guess what the webpage was? MY BLOG!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Second Opinion (A good place to start if you have just joined me on my adventure)

Here is what I wrote in the letter for my second opinion:

Thank you for taking the time to review my films/ reports. Enclosed you will find radiology reports, operative reports and office notes from Dr. Kelly, as well as my MRI’s, x-rays and CT scan on CD. I would like to consult with you regarding my right hip. Below is a brief history of my problem.

I am a 27 year old physical therapist, mother of 2. I began having right hip pain in November 2006. At the time, physical therapy did not help and I decided to consult with Bryan Kelly at HSS in January 2007. I had positive impingement signs and clicking in the hip, as well as pain with resisted hip flexion. Dr. Kelly ordered an MRI which showed cam impingement and a labral tear. An intra-articular injection of marcaine/ kenalog/ cortisone initially relieved all of my pain. We decided to do an arthroscopy to address these issues, on March 5, 2007. The scope addressed pincer impingement and debrided the labral tear.

I was doing very well after that surgery, with the exception of some residual pain at end range hip flexion, and flexion with adduction and internal rotation. Additionally, my left hip began bothering me during the period of time that I was partial weight bearing, and I had identical symptoms on the left as I had pre-op on the right. We decided on another scope, July 2, 2007. Four days before the surgery on the left, I had a twisting injury on the right side, I was weight bearing on the right and turned to the left, at that time, I heard and felt a pop, and had severe pain. The pain persisted for the entire day and subsided slightly over the next few days.

On July 2, I had the left hip scoped. The scope addressed cam and pincer impingement and debrided the labral tear. The left side is doing well. The right side continued to bother me after the left scope, being on crutches exacerbated that side and all of my pre-op symptoms returned.

Towards the end of July, I contacted Dr. Kelly regarding my symptoms as I was extremely concerned that I had possibly re-torn my labrum. He ordered an MRI, followed by an intra-articular injection which gave me complete pain relief. I have been very concerned about the cam impingement remaining in my right hip. He also ordered a CT scan. At this point, Dr. Kelly has suggested a revision arthroscopy to address the cam bump, and possibly address the psoas, as he feels I injured it when I twisted that hip. I will be having the psoas injected in the coming weeks to determine if it truly is an issue or not.

At this point, I am unsure of how to proceed. I am skeptical of having another arthroscopy since the first one was not able to fully address my impingement. I am writing to you to see if you think my impingement would be better treated via an open procedure, and to see whether you think I should make an appointment to see you in person.

Again, thank you for the taking the time to read this and review my file.
If you have any question, please feel free to contact me at (phone #), or via email (email address)



My So-Called Life

This is an email J sent me this morning, after I freaked out when I couldn't find my i-pod (It was in the car)

Firstly - u could have called and told me u found it. U knew I was up
Secondly - you need to chill out and get a grip on things
Third - you need to stop losing things

I am definitely losing objects left and right, maybe bc I am so scatter brained, and I do need to chill out a little! I am so edgy lately, I feel like any second I will snap.

Anyway, this is my current 'hip' status. Dr. Kelly's office called me Friday morning to set up the psoas injection, so they have to call the radiologist and set it up with him (sigh), so I am waiting to hear back from them (I did call today to see what the deal was, no call back yet). I also received my x-rays on CD today, so I have organized all of my office notes, scan reports and op-reports, and will now type up the letter to go with it. It will go out tomorrow, overnight!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Venting, Whining and the Ever So Importnat Shoe Choice

Last we spoke, Dr. Kelly had called, I need a revision.... fabulous! (I need to change my blog profile soon). The problem is there is never a good time for surgery, but there is no way I can put this off, my intermittent pain is beginning to give me less and less pain free periods, and the painful times are getting more and more painful.

I have spent the last 24 hours in synagogue for Yom Kippur. Aside for not eating and drinking, we don't wear leather shoes (sexy shoes fall into the leather category). Last night I wore my ballet flats. Huge Mistake. I was in agony, practically tears, they have so little suport but this has never posed a problem for me. Today, I decided to be smarter and wore my Danskos, I cannot say I did not have pain, but it was definitely a huge improvement from last night. I think I will have to begin living in those for the next few weeks/ months.

Emotionally, I don't know how people deal with pain. I guessing I have a high physical tolerance, but it is starting to really get to me. Almost every night is a mini pity party around here! I am just so fed up, and I have only had this new issue for 2 1/2 months. I cant believe it is taking this long to get things done also. What a mess! I will work on changing my profile tonight!! Let me know what you think!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Plan

He called. This is how it went down.
He said that the CT scan didn't show much of anything on the femur, the alpha angle was 30, anything under 50 is normal. Usually the CT scan will help determine if there is a bump on the femur, which is why I wanted you to have it, but it is inconclusive (I didn't mention that I was the one who actually wanted the scan, but so be it). The MRI did show the bump, but there are also post-op changes, so it is hard to tell what is there and what isn't. I think that based on your twisting/ popping, it is your psoas.
I said- originally, I had thought that we were going into surgery to address the cam, I asked him to look at the scope pics and see if he could see the bump, I don't think I got a straight answer, but I am not sure. He said he looks for the mechanism of injury and it was not consistent with cam impingement.
I started talking now, I also spoke at intervals when he spoke, but I didn't think I needed to give you a dialogue like last time! I had the popping but then went on crutches and after a few days had all the same pre-op pain.
He said- the psoas could have bled and scarred down to the capsule. He looked through my chart a little, so you had about half a day of relief from the injection?? Hmmmm........I think it may be the cam or the psoas, and as much as none of us wants to, I think we may need to go back in again and address it.
I said- What would you do? He said he would definitely take down the cam and do a bursectomy around the psoas. I said I REALLY don't want you releasing my psoas. He said it may be scarred down to the capsule.
I told him I need him to be sure that it either is or isn't the psoas, bc I REALLY don't want him releasing it. He said the only way to be sure is to have it injected, do I mind doing that? No, what's one more injection at this point.
So I then said, Ok, how would you like to proceed at this point...other than disowning me as a patient? He laughed, and said he likes the challenging ones. I didn't get a chance to ask him if he meant the challenging cases or the challenging patients!!!
So, the plan is to get the psoas injected and then see him within a week to determine if that is the issue.
So, it looks like he is definitely recommending a revision, but is not quite sure what needs to be done.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


To sum up my day, I took a Darvocet at 4pm. I was at my wits end. It probably doesn't help that this has been an insane week for me. It started with my nanny's sister calling me Sunday to tell me my nanny was in the hospital and not coming in for the entire week, and she would be covering. I have since decided that this is a lie and everything they have told me is complete bullshit, yet I don't know what to do about it. J is out of town. My hip hurts (did I mention that). L's school is still not opening (I don't think I have mentioned this yet), they have had dept of building issues and now licensing issues, it is such a headache. My friends are pressuring me to switch her to another school, but I keep thinking things will soon be resolved.
I needed my nanny to work for me Fri. night and all day Sat., just this week, but her 'illness' does not allow, so now I have to pay someone to do this. The nanny's sister came in 30 minutes late today, making me late for my first patient. I had a message that one of my patient's surgeon's was pissed off bc he didn't receive a note which I did send, 2 weeks prior.
So you can see what kind of day I am having.
Around 3 pm, I was developing a limp. Jk didn't want to go to sleep, L wanted to watch TV in my bed and my hip was throbbing. I went to look for Tylenol but couldn't find it. This was definitely not Tylenol pain though. I knew I needed something stronger, but based on my history of pain meds and side effects, I was scared since J is not here and my nanny is AWOL, so I decided on half of a Darvocet. It took away approximately half of my pain, but I was definitely more than half stoned! Since I rarely take any of this stuff, I have such a low tolerance.
I am happy I took it, I really wanted to get the kids out of the house but the pain was too much for me to walk on,let alone push the stroller. I ended up taking a short walk and going to the park with a friend.
I am not sure what my take is on pain meds, as this has been a topic of conversation lately on the message boards. I did feel like I was 'losing the battle', but I was able to get out and do things. I am on the fence with this one.
Oh, Dr. Kelly has not returned my phone call. I am pissed off.
I did get through to the medical records/ radiology dept at NYP, they are making me a CD of my x-rays! Should arrive in a few days and everything can go to Millis.

Left hip- I was demonstrating plie's for a patient, almost like mini-squats (for pelvic floor training), each time I would come up, I had adductor pain all the way to the groin and about 1/3 of the way down my thigh.I called J, the PT, not J my husband, to see what she thought. I told her abt my earlier trouble with SLR and how this is a similar instability type of muscle pain, she said keep strengthening the adductors and rotators. Will do!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Still no Definitive Decision

I am so sick of the waiting game. He didn't call me today either. Shocker. I need to know, now. Maybe he is trying to straighten out that radiology report! haha!
I did call about my x-rays, I have to fax in a request, before they can even attempt to find them. So First thing when I get to work I will send off my fax request for the x-rays. Of course it can never be simple!! I will keep you posted, as always!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Today's accomplishments

I sit in front of my computer with a CT scan report and Dr. Millis' address!
Here's what happenned:
I forgot that I was pissed off at Dr. Kelly's office staff and I called them to get the report. It worked, they had 'just received it' and she was going to 'put it on his desk'. I asked her to fax me the report and leave him a note to call me.
I have the report, but no phone call as of today (we know how this goes). are some lovely excerpts from the report:
-Evaluation of the osseous structures demonstrates a deformity in the anterior aspect of the head-neck junction of the right hip. This may represent a postsurgical site for a femoral dysplastic bump and correlation with the clinical history is requested.
-Findings suggestive of postoperative change in the anterior aspect of the head-neck junction of the right hip presumably representing resection of the dysplastic bump. There is irregularity to the cortex in this location, however, this does not appear to represent subchondral cystic change.

Are you still with me? Did you notice anything funny? If you are a die-hard "Goodnight Nobody" fan, you should have. Ready....WHY THE HELL ARE THEY SEEING POST-OP CHANGES ON THE FEMORAL HEAD NECK JUNCTION WHEN THERE WAS NO SURGERY THERE. AHHHHHHHHHH
Ok, glad to get that off my chest! The report is dated the day of my scan at 3:32pm, my appt was at 2pm, that is pretty good. The friggin' radiologist could have called me to find out what exactly was done during surgery, or called Kelly's office.

So I am waiting to speak to Dr. Kelly on that!
I called Dr. Millis' office to find out what to do. I left a message, on a machine, and got a call back on the same day from a real live person who was actually helpful. Maryanne was super nice, took my information and told me to send my stuff (x-rays, MRI's, CT scan, office notes and op-reports), Dr. Millis will look at them and determine if I should come in or not. The only problem is that I do not have the x-rays, I will have to call for them tomorrow, and I anticipate a headache. I hope they will come as quickly as the MRI CD did so I can send off my package!
I will also write an intro letter at some point tomorrow and post it here, so my story can be clear here from beginning to end.
So...did you catch that 'femoral head-neck' thing or am I just the queen of anal/crazy/neurotic!!

add on- I just remembered that I also asked for a copy of my last office visit note. That was when we had our discussion about the cam impingement and the possibility for a revision. Here is what the note says:
"She is here regarding bilateral hips, left side is 8 weeks out. She is doing well from the left side. On the right side she did have this twisting injury and had developed increasing pain on the right side. It really has not gone away.
At this time we are going to see how she does with the injection. She is going to call us in one week and let us know."
Hmmmm, is that really what happened????????

Sunday, September 16, 2007

This Week's Plan

1) Call the imaging center and see if they will fax the CT scan report to my 'PT'(they will fax it to the doctor but not to me bc of HIPAA, they will mail it to me), if they say no
2) Call Dr. Kelly's office and have them fax it to me (sigh) and
3) Leave a message for him to call me about the CT scan and our "plan"
4) Call Dr. Millis' office in Boston and see if I should make an appointment or just send my scans and info up
5) If they say "send", I will do so tomorrow

Weekend Update

I wore my sexy (black) shoes on Thursday
I wore my new Burberry gold shoes on Friday
I hurt
I will never learn

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Warning....Complaining to Follow

My hip really hurts today. And for the past few days...a lot. I am completely back to pre-op/ pre-injection pain levels, when you feel like you just want to hack off your leg. Granted, I have done a lot of walking the past few days, but just walking, no running, no jumping, no cycling.....just plain old walking.
Just wanted to get that off my chest.

CT scan...done

I wish I could have done only CT scans and eliminate MRI's from my diagnostic testing repertoire. What a pleasure! No tube, no loud noises, in and out 4 or 5 times, and beautiful, 3d pictures on a CD! There was even a sky painted on the ceiling!
So now I have a disc of MRI's and a disc of a CT scan, and my entire chart photocopied. I need to make a copy of each and I can send it out for a remote consult. It is going to have to wait until Monday though since we are going out of town early in the AM. I will keep you posted!

A Look Inside My Head

No, it is not full of air!!!! At least I hope not!
To leave off on a more positive note....
I am not constantly in a state of pissed off-ness
I think this is a case of bad luck
I think I am lucky that Dr. Kelly was more conservative, luckily, my problem can be fixed (I hope) with another arthroscopy, if he had taken off too much bone, then I would be royally screwed, I would have a ton of instability, a lot more pain, and would most likely need a total hip replacement, now, at 27.
I guess I should count my blessings!!!???!!
Additionally, just adding my 2 cents here, I am forever grateful that I chose a local doc and not one across the country, if I had, then I don't know what I would be doing at this point!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

In Limbo

I have lost some steam at this point, and am at a standstill. I did receive my MRI's on disc yesterday, and have yet to call the doc in Boston for an appt/ remote consult. I guess I am telling myself that I am waiting for my CT scan, which will be tomorrow, and once I have that as well, I will move forward. I don't even have a follow-up appt scheduled with Dr. Kelly. I guess all of this is still sinking in and I am getting used to the idea that despite all of my long hours of research, journal articles, emails... I still have FAI in my hip.

I hate not having a plan. This is the hardest thing for me, but I am scared shitless to go back on crutches for any amount of time since both times, crutches landed me in surgery. Ok, obviously, the first time there was FAI already in my hip, and the crutches were the 'straw that broke the camel's back', oh, but that was the case after the second surgery too. So now what???

I know there are no answers, but I need to VENT.

Since I am venting, and you have stuck with me up to this point (feel free to stop reading if you are sick of the complaining), my right hip really hurts. It hurt all day at work, then, I went to (surprise) Target, and pushing the shopping cart is agonizing.

Still with me? I understand now the psychological aspect of pain, which is probably why I am relating very well to my patients. I was just 'commended' on how good my stats are at work and how quickly after my surgery my schedule filled up again. I am going away (again) this week and I know that some of my patients will not be in until I get back, they will not see another therapist.

So, to put a positive spin on this, I am the queen of hips! I love treating hip pathology, and I love giving other's advice on how to treat their patients with hip pathology, as much as they appreciate my personal experience with it. I am soooooo sick of PT though, I am into my sixth month, ugh! I need a break, which I took last week! I am ready to be discharged, for good! Only I know I have at least another 3 months coming my way! (sorry, I got negative again).

The good thing is that just as easily as I have had a bunch of bad days, I may begin to have a bunch of good days at any point now. I do need a plan soon though, I am not a waiter, as you can tell with my surgery decisions up to this point.

I will stop rambling now, hopefully, my next post will be more helpful to the general public!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

10 week Update

As promised, here is an update on my left side.
Surgery was almost 10 weeks ago (7/2/07). I am doing everything I was doing pre-op. I am able to run, I don't, but I am physically able to, as opposed to a few weeks back, my legs wouldn't run. I am not painfree. I have less pain than I did pre-op, and definitely less pain than on my right, but 10 weeks is too soon, in my book, to be 100% painfree. I actually don't know if I will ever be 100% painfree, but definitely better than now, and definitely better than pre-op.

In PT, things haven't changed much since the last time I posted. I probably am ready to 'kick it up a notch', but my right side is holding me back. Here is my full routine, given my time constraints, I don't always do everything, and since my injection, I have only worked out once, but I am back at it now! (each exercise separated with semi-colon)
Bike; standing on dyna-disc, one leg, isometric hip abduction with other leg; standing closed chain hip ER; squats on black side of bosu ball with theraband around knees; walking squats with theraband around knees; squats on inclined treadmill (really hurts right side); seated hip ER with ball in between knees and theraband around ankle; bridges; bridges with ball in between knees; hip abduction in supine with band around knees; hip fallouts (one sided only supine hip abduction); isometric adduction with ball in between knees; clamshells; straight leg raises in abduction.

I think that is everything, I did 7 SLR yesterday, yay!! I occasionally will bend down and feel some instability in the femoral head, it is weird and very painful, but it only last that second. I can fully squat down, sit on the floor, work, drive. Oh, I cannot kick in the pool, if I wanted to swim laps, regular kicking hurts. I rarely do stairs, but I think they are not a problem.
The joint capsule tightening I had 2 weeks ago has pretty much resolved itself, with the help of P doing some aggressive mobilization, while lying on my stomach, he mobilizes the femur anteriorly, first in neutral, and as the capsule loosened up over the course of the week, in more ER, now we are only doing it in extreme ER, since I am still tight there. Also, always a good hip flexor stretch before we call it a day.

My scope sites are flat, red and shiny. In comparison, the right side scope sites are almost invisible. I never ever let them see sun, and P did a great job working on them early on, ignoring my tears and requests for mercy!! In a few months I hope the right ones will look just as good!

I think I covered everything, let me know if you have any questions!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007 gone

Well, the good news is I don't seem to be allergic to my hip injection, the bad news is, I may be allergic to the medication that got me out of my Crohn's flare up a few weeks before surgery. I went off of it on Tuesday, as suggested by my friend, an allergist, today I saw one of her partners, and he agreed, especially since I seem to be a lot better now. So why am I concerned? Well, first of all, this was the only med that helped back then, second, the flare up came right in the middle of some pre-op stress, combined with drugs I shouldn't have been taking but let my pain get the better of me.

Now that I am back in a mega-stressful situation, I need to watch the drug intake, absolutely no anti-inflammatories, if I have too much pain for Tylenol, I will have to turn to Darvocet.

Today I took a long walk with the double stroller, my first since the surgery, believe it or not. Not because I thought I couldn't, but because I preferred to spend the afternoons at the pool. The pool is now closed for the season (except for 3 more weekends), so I am back to walking in the afternoon. The left side was not perfect, but it shouldn't be, in my opinion, at this point. A lot of work was done in there, I had muscle soreness during the walk on that side, mostly adductors. I have been slacking in PT but will return at full force tomorrow morning. The right side hurt a lot, especially uphill (sound familiar), and when I got home, there was an achiness that lingered for quite some time. I wonder how long I can deal with this before going completely, certifiably, insane!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

From the Horse's (PA's) Mouth

I finally decided to face the truth and call Dr. Kelly's PA, Ariana today. But I wasn't in the mood to deal with the front office staff, so I faxed her my pain log with a note to please call me! It worked! Maybe I will start faxing all my messages!

Again, here is a lesson, know your facts, know what you scans showed, know what procedures you have had done, and be versed in it! Here is how our conversation went.
a: ok, let me see, you had which side injected? when? what happenned?
s: do you want me to give you a quick overview of what is going on?
a: no, no, I got it, there is a note that you had a flare up over the weekend?
s: huh? I don't know what you are talking about, what is the date?
a:Never mind. So, you had some relief from the injection, so there is something going on in the joint, now is this the hip we repaired the labrum or debrided?
s: both were repaired, you may be confused if you are looking at the pictures and see a suture, he put one in and took it out
a: oh, bc if it was repaired, I would say the you retore the repair, and it would make sense
s: no, there was no repair
a: well, then I would say it is synovitis, and the cortisone will calm it down
s: there is no synovitis
a: yes, the mri shows synovitis
s: no, the mri shows NO synovitis
a: no, it does, oh, wait, you're right, it says no synovitis. Well, it may be psoas scarring down to the joint capsule.
s: no, it is not psoas, that is why I insisted on injecting the joint, that is where the pain is
a: it still may be psoas though, if we injected psoas, you would probably have pain relief as well
s:(I am starting to get annoyed) Look, the bottom line is we all know there is cam impingement in the joint, I just want to know if I need a revision, so I can plan my life
a: well, based on the fact that the injection gave you relief, I would say yes, you do need a revision. It is hard to know exactly how much bone to take down, we have only had to do a revision in the case of a labral debridement a few times, but occasionally it does happen. You probably either have a psoas issue, impingement and/ or cartilage degeneration, and we would address that.
s: Would he want to do a microfracture?
a: no, the cartilage looks good
s: not on the most recent mri, there is a focal area of full thickness cartilage loss
a: Oh, you're right. It's possible he may want to, a lot of times if we go back in, we do see a nice new layer of fibrocartilage over an area of bone that was debrided.
s: Do you think we should do a CT scan of the pelvis with 3d reconstruction, so we know what is going on?
a: Yes. He would love to get that and have more images to look at to see the extent of the cam impingement and know how much to take down. I am going to email him now and let him know about our conversation.

So, that is where things stand now. Loads and loads of fun! Oh, and then she added, 'we do the other side 8-12 weeks after the first'. hahahaha, like I am about to jump into this right now!! Lets get the CT scan, and my second opinion, then we can talk!!!! I don't know if I have mentioned this before, I plan on sending my films to an open dislocation FAI surgeon in Boston, my hope is that he will tell me he cannot help me, a scope can, I don't need an open procedure.

In the meantime, I am lonely, hardly anyone is writing to me anymore! Is my blog still helpful? Entertaining? or just sad and pathetic! I will give a good update on the left as promised, but tonight I am ready to crash!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Schizophrenic Hip, or is it?

I have been laying low over the past few days, and left the posting to Amy (thanks again), and have been doing some self reflection and deep thinking. Ok, as much as I can with 2 rugrats tugging at each ankle, but maybe a little thinking.

See, my hip pain is intermittent, sometimes it can be fine for 2-3 days, sometimes the pain can bring me to tears, which is why I call it schizophrenic. So on the good days, I decided to let it take its course, and not have a revision, if it comes to that, but then on bad days, I want to call Dr. Kelly and beg him to do it that minute. And then one of the kids needs me, and I don't call him!!!
So you can see how this would drive one (more) insane, and then throw in the sexy shoe dilema, and you have a big problem on your hands.

By Sunday, I was not having a revision, regardless of anything. By Sunday afternoon, I had spoken to a woman at the pool who had just been resurfaced 6 weeks previously. She has had bilateral hip pain for over 10 years and has not wanted to deal with it. I spoke to her about my progress and PT, we compared notes (btw- she is soooooo happy with her resurfacing, but she was bone on bone). As we were finishing our conversation, she said if there is one piece of advice I can give you, it would be to take care of anything that needs 'taking care of'' now, rather than later. Your kids are still young, I feel like I missed out on the last 10 years of my kids lives because of this.

She left me with a lot on my mind, and I understand where she is coming from, but on the other hand, I do everything, I push through the pain when I have to, but will I always be able to? I also am not 100% sure of the results on my left side. It is great, don't get me wrong, and better than my right currently, but I need more time to see what my results will ultimately be. (I will give a good detailed update later in the week)

Whenever I start thinking, my mind goes racing at a million miles per hour, and it ended up thinking about microfracture. Would I want that on the right, since there is a focal area of bone on bone? I don't think I can handle the recovery from that, but maybe the long term benefits outweigh the 6 awful weeks? But that is so ahead of where I need to be thinking right now, but I do anyway. I need to focus on the 'now', and the next step is to call Ariana this week. I put it off today since I didn't feel like dealing with it, I will try to deal with it tomorrow!

At this point, I want a gameplan, I don't want to have to follow through with anything yet, but I want a plan, so I can plan my life and know what is in store, I don't want to be living in limbo, the way I feel I am right now.

In an unrelated topic, I am having a ridiculous allergic reaction, I am pretty sure it is not from the injection last week, but I have been so itchy, and full of hives, my skin is so sensitive that if I lightly touch it, I develop a red streak on that area. I am still in the investigation process, has anyone had a reaction like this from an injection? Or anything else?

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Thats what friends are for....

As I have previously mentioned, I got together this week with my 'hip friend' Amy, who has had her left hip scoped twice by Dr. Kelly and will be having her IT band released in the next few weeks/ months. I asked her to write a guest blog post.

Susie asked me to write a guest spot for her blog.... Hmmmm.. what to say?!?! I met Susie as a result of posts on the labralicious and FAI listserves. We had been talking as she had decided to see Dr. Kelly and I had experienced surgery with him. We talked quite a bit on-line and by phone. When I flew up to NYC on March 21st, the day before my surgery, we decided to meet. Needless to say, we clicked. My ride home to my friend's apartment in the city fell through because of complications with getting my surgery started, and Susie came to my rescue just two weeks after her own surgery. She drove in to New York Presby to pick me up and take me to my friend's place. Of course, meeting her two adorable kids in the car on the way home from the hospital sealed the deal!! We are forever "joined at the hip!" On my next trip up, we met and went to the Central Park Zoo together. I had a blast with Susie and her kids and it was a welcome afternoon of fun for both of us. Being able to jump in puddles with L and JK was the highlight of my day!! As a result of meeting on the listserves, we have become friends with this horrible hip problem in common. We have been through each other's ups and downs and frustrations. .... and the "emotionally unstable:" e-mail subject line on multiple occasions. It is wonderful to have the support of someone who is going through the same thing... and with the same doctor. It also doesn't hurt that she is a PT either, and I have picked her brain on multiple occasions!!! This last trip up was just as much fun as it was frustrating... I flew in to NYC on Tuesday afternoon and met up with Susie and the kids. We went to the swimming pool and chilled out for a while. I had a blast taking pictures of all of the kids at the pool, and it has cemented my feeling that maybe I should consider getting back into photography for a living... That evening, we went to see Xanadu with my best friend, Marni. The three of us had a blast at the show, but looked like the walking wounded headed away from the theater! But, for that 90 minutes that the show was on (with us seated on the stage), we were feeling no pain! Well, except for when one of the cast members hit me on the head with a rubber mallet! The frustrating part was the visit to Dr. Kelly. I hate waiting in doctor's offices. It seems like you wait for hours and then get to see the doctor for a few minutes. I think that Dr. Kelly really didn't want to deal with me, because Susie's appointment was 20 minutes after mine and he saw her before me!! He agreed that I need to have my IT Band released but that it should be done back home in Pittsburgh by Dr. Gruen as an open surgery because he has never done an IT Band as messed up as mine with a scope. At least he admitted to is limitations. That is a big thing for a surgeon. As you have already read in Susie's blog, he admitted to missing part of her impingement in the original surgery. We are in the same boat there, as he did not address impingement in my first surgery either. It is a very frustrating thing to deal with to say the least. I did have the opportunity to strangle him playfully when he mentioned our last "argument' over the phone and I was telling him that both of my hips hurt now!! So, for all of you who have wanted to strangle your doctor (Kelly or other) I did it for you too!! I had a happy mood swing that afternoon when I took L to Wave Hill for a "supermodel photo shoot." We had so much fun, and L posed beautifully for me. Her Mom never gets pictures like that... always the "cheese" face, never the cute stuff!! It ended too soon as I had to catch a flight home. It truly amazes me how friendships can develop out of adversity. Heck, I even told Susie that if she has to have another surgery and her Mom gets sick of being there I would come up and help her out. (Provided I am on my own two feet at the time.) After all, That's what friends are for!