Monday, August 20, 2007

Time to Schedule Injection

If things have been comical up until now, this mornings incident will just add more fun! Maybe as a reader, you don't find things so funny, but from my point of view, if I don't laugh at all of this then I will cry, and it is really not something I want to cry about all the time!!
At 8:45 this morning, my cel phone rings, Dr. Kelly's office. It is his office manager, and she says "Hi, how can I help you?". Well, she really can't, unless she can magically fix this problem, decide I can have an injection, or do a total hip replacement on me (ok, bad idea..). She said "well, I have a message here that you called". yes, but not her...this is weird. "Oh, ok, what's your first name again?", didn't you just call me???? "What message did you want to leave for Dr. Kelly?", isn't it on the piece of paper where you got my number? The original message? "I want an injection, do you think you can get him that message today?", "well, I don't know if you can have the injection today, someone else makes the appointments and she has to call your insurance company", AHHHHHHHHHH that is not my question.....just please give him my message. This is going to have to be added to a previous post Incompetencies

He did just call me back, so I will call his office in a few minutes and schedule it!!!


Jess said...

Hehe, derrrr ;-)

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Hi Susie - hope you got your injection scheduled and that it provides some relief! Make sure you let Dr. Kelly know how much pain you're in - I can't believe you're to the point of needing narcotics. :( I would say it sounds like you need a stiff drink, but it seems that didn't work out so well for you! Hope you were at least able to enjoy your anniversary.

You've written so much I can relate to over the past few days, and I've fallen behind on commenting! I hope Dr. Kelly can figure out a long term plan for fixing the first hip...if not it might be time to get another opinion. Good luck!

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Oh yeah, and regarding "incompetencies" - at my last appointment the nurse kept calling for "Sarah" in the waiting room. I finally figured out that she meant me, and she seemed kind of ticked off that I wasn't responding to "Sarah". She got me to the exam room and said "You're in here, Sarah." Ahhhh! I said, "Actually, I'm Rachel" and she said "That's what I meant." !!! First off, "Sarah" does not sound anything like "Rachel" and second, I was temporarily freaked out that the doctor was going to end up looking at films that weren't even mine. You worry about people providing medical care for you when they can't even get your name right1

Susie said...

Can you belive no one called me back yesterday...I bet you can!! If I don't hear back by mid morning I will have to call them,aahhhhh!!!
Interestingly, and I forgot to post this, maybe I will later, my conversation with Dr krlly went like this: "I want an injection, it really hurts, I want it in the joint, OK?" "Ok, um, so you remember an actual twisting and popping in the joint?" " Yes." " Ok, get the injection before you see me next wekk so we can see what the issue is!"