Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

(yes, I had to google the spelling of that!)
I am back and forth, back and forth, and change my mind every hour, and sometimes minute, even seconds. Yes, I am definitely losing it...again (or still???)
I am not sure where I stand, and as Rachel pointed out, this gray area stinks!
I had a long sit down meeting with my 2 PTs, J and P to discuss this as well as the work issues. We agreed to really work the psoas for now, so P really did, all the way to the insertion, which is on the lumbar spine, and I felt good after.
What I had decided this morning was that for now, I will hold off on injecting anything, of course, I had minimal to no pain at the time! I want to try to really work on the psoas and see if it is really the issue. But now, as my pain level is slowly creeping up, I am yearning for an injection!
The nice thing for me is that the pain is intermittent, on the flip-side, when it doesn't hurt, I wonder if I am imagining the painful times, and I decide that I am crazy/ier!!!

I had P take strength and ROM measurements for me. The left side is doing well, almost all back to pre-op levels. Right side has lost strength and ROM since the last time we measured, around 7 weeks ago. I am going to aggressively strengthen over the next few weeks and see if I can build it up again, and try not to give in to an injection too quickly!

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