Thursday, August 2, 2007


I am now waiting to get my MRI results. Having experienced many times the way Dr Kelly's office staff works, I anticipate this to be a long and drawn out process. Nothing huge has ever happened with them, but so many little things, it makes you wonder.
-When I called to make my first appointment ever, the receptionist didn't want to give me one as my injury was not 'sports related' many of you actually tore your labrum playing sports? Luckily, I insisted on speaking with his PA who said "definitely come in"
-His PA called me with my first MRI results, I really wanted to speak with him, I left 2 messages....heard nothing, until I sent him an email, heard within 45 minutes (it was nice to bypass his office staff)
-When I was being discharged from the hospital after my first surgery, my Gameready was nowhere to be found...someone forgot to order it for me
-I scheduled my post-op appointment at the same time I scheduled my surgery, when I arrived at 12 days post-op, on crutches, brace, and soaked from an icy rain, I was informed that he was in his 'other' office, 2 blocks away. When I arrived there, they could not find my appointment for the day, and were unsure of what to do, as his schedule was booked. I informed the man at the desk that I was not leaving until someone removed my sutures!
-After my second MRI, it took 3 phone calls to get through to him to call me with the results
-I wanted a copy of the MRI report, it took 3 days to have it faxed over, and multiple phone calls
-Luckily, all of my pre-op requests for my second surgery went through, including time of surgery, anesthesia and post-op meds
-I am eligible for temporary disability, but your doctor must fill out some paperwork. His PA did it for me the first time, and there was no issue, this time, I specifically faxed it to her, but it was intercepted by his office manager, who called to ask me, 4 days post-op, when I was going back to work, so she would know how long to write on the form. I explained that I was hoping to be back in 4 weeks, but Arianna had filled it out for 3 months last time, so she should do the same, just in case 4 weeks was not enough. She answered me with a snotty "well, then we can fill out an extension". Why bother with more paperwork, just fill it out for 3 months, and we don't have to worry about it anymore. The story doesn't end here (are you surprised). In my fax, I had included a note that said please fax back to me. A fax never showed up at my office. So I called, sigh, they couldn't find it, so they 'must have' mailed it to me. It never showed up in my mailbox, sigh, so another phone call, I am going to fax it to you, again, please have it ready for me, I will be in the office tomorrow, to which I got a reply of "I will do my best", as opposed to "I am so sorry I never filled your request, it will be ready tomorrow". I arrived at the office, and it was ready, filled out for 4 weeks of disability. I did end up going back to work at 4 weeks, but, sigh, nonetheless!!
-To schedule my 3rd MRI, at first, they tried scheduling it in the wrong facility, then, gave me an appointment almost a week later. I ended up calling the MRI department and rescheduling myself.
-When I arrived for my MRI, they had forgotten to fax over the prescription
-2 weeks to get the message through to call me with my 3rd MRI results
-When I finally decided that I wanted an injection (right side, 6 months out), I left a message and the office manager called me to see "how she could help me", uh, not at all, please have the dr call me
-At the time of this post, almost 24 hours have passed since I called to have the dr office schedule my injection, waiting to hear back from them
-Another injection nightmare, when we decided to inject my psoas, I got a call from the receptionist early the next day, I was impressed, they took initiative. I told her when I wanted it, she said she would call back with a time. 2 days went by, I called her back, she was going to have the other receptionist call me bc she is actually the one who books it with the radiologist, another day, I called back and asked to speak with receptionist #2, she was surprised I was calling bc receptionist #1 told her she had called me and confirmed the appt. Plus it was the wrong date. She corrected the error, and I thought everything was all good. Until the radiologist called and left me a message saying he wanted to make sure I wanted the 'other' appt, bc there had been some reschedulings done, it worked out and I got the day I wanted.
-So...sigh, nothing huge, but a lot of little things which add up to a lot of frustration!


Jess said...

Wow...some people just have no idea! There is nothing more frustrating that incompetency! How do these people get jobs?? Especially in a field where they're supposed to HELP people!

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

I think this is the case just about everywhere - I think we can all relate! What matters is that he's a competent surgeon.

It is amazing how rude and unaccommodating people can be in a field where they're supposed to help people (as Jess said!).

Susie said...

I learn so much from seeing how other professionals run their office!! It totally sucks! Yes, none of my "examples" were any huge deal, but all put together like I did, it is a lot, and I have only been dealing with them since Jan.!!
Again, it is so important to speak up for yourself, ask the right questions and demand answers!!!
I guess finding a great surgeon with a competent office staff would just be asking too much right now!! I can deal with what I have!!!