Saturday, August 18, 2007

7 weeks postop (almost)

To defelct from all the negativity I have been posting lately, here is my 7 week update on the left. For starters, it feels a heck of a lot better than the right. It is still slightly painful at times, but doing great. The psoas snaps on it, but that is more annoying than anything else, and once I realized it was the psoas, it was no longer alarming.

I still cannot run on it, and any attempt to run causes me to laugh hysterically. Imagine a limpy run! Not that I am actually attempting to run for exercise, but if the phone rings and I want to try to get it before voicemail picks up, doorbell rings, or if a kid runs away, it hurts a little bit to run, but it is funny how my body just doesn't allow for it yet.

When the psoas gets tight, my hip flexion ROM decreases, I have no explanation for this and it makes no sense at all to me. But when this happens, I will try some manual release stuff on it and then it will flex more (weird).

I cannot do any quick twisting, or quick anything on the hip, bc it causes a sharp pain, but nothing lasting too long.

Basically, I am very happy so far with the outcome on the left, and feel like it is doing better than the right was at 7 weeks out.

In PT, my routine consists of the following: Bike (10 min), isometric hip abduction/adduction against the wall, while standing on a dynadisc, squats with a black theraband around my knees while standing on the black side of the bosu ball, walking squats with the black theraband, closed chain ER on one leg, balancing on one leg on airex or dynadisc, standing hip 4 way with yellow or red theraband, bridging, isometric hip adduction supine (lying on back) squeezing a ball, hip abduction with black theraband supine, hip fallouts supine (like abduction, but only one leg at a time, really works on stability of non working leg), clam shells, seated ER/IR with theraband/ ball combination. I try to do the table exercises on my own at home because of time constraints, and pf course adjust the routine as needed due to pain on the right.


Jess said...

Hi Susie,
glad to hear your left side is behaving and doing well! I hope you get your injection for the other side soon and that it helps with your pain. Your kids are little cuties!! Keep the pics coming :-)

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

I agree - adorable kids and I love their little outfits!

That is an impressive PT schedule - hurts me just thinking about it. Hope the left side continues to progress! Maybe you can get lefty to teach righty how it's done! :)