Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Radiation, NSAIDs and Braces...Oh My!

After my conversation with BK on Sunday, I have been feeling slightly overwhelmed. Yesterday, I received a call from the company that rents out the CPM and Gameready machines. I had told his surgical coordinator not to order them for me because I won't use them. I was going to call them back to cancel the order but started to wonder if maybe the CPM would be a good idea to use this time since I want to prevent the HO.....and of course my mind started racing at 1 million miles per hour. So I sent BK a quick email to make sure it was ok to skip the CPM...its ok!!! Yay!! I hate that thing, plus, the kids think it's a toy!
I also heard back from my GI, and while I am waiting for clarification on something, he did say to go ahead with the NSAID's (Indocin)...I may flare though....given the alternative, I'm willing to risk it. So no radiation near my ovaries!!!


Anonymous said...

i would give the nsaids a whirl. get your diet in gear this week as well. that may help a bit.

yea, no dreaded CPM! those companies make so much money on them...it is ridiculous!


Louisa B said...

Dunno if this helps but I have a real problem with IBS (minor to your I know) and Nsaids... but whilst tking any I take something called pariet which literally works wonders and allows me a window to take anti inflams. Its a super good prescription stomach tablet, maybe you can get hold of it over there, I'm UK.

Susie said...

I have never heard of Pariet, what is it for?

Louisa B said...

its an anti acid, but it REALLY protects your stomach, I tried and failed with ever other brand for 2 yrs then suddenly this one changed my life IBS slowly went, now I only take it for flare ups which are v occasional or if need to protect from NSAIDS.
Pariet, or its other name rabeprazole sodium.