Saturday, January 23, 2010

My New Favorite Drugs

Since my back pain had gone from bad to worse, I got a rx for Flexiril, a muscle relaxant. My PT says I am having back spasms from muscle imbalances, and the strong muscles are pulling too hard and the weak ones can't stabilize. I have been in excruciating pain at times. What's interesting is that I NEVER have back pain at the same time as hip pain, it is always one or the other. I have been applying Flector patches to my back and taking Flexiril PRN, mostly at night because it put me out yesterday afternoon! What a difference these have made. Thurs and Fri nights were the first time I have had a good nights sleep in weeks. I wish I would have gotten the drugs earlier!

I have been paying attention to how I move and have noticed that when I extend my back from a flexed position, or try to stand up from a kneeling or crouched position, I am really straining my back bc my leg muscles are so weak. I plan on hitting PT hard this week and doing exercises at home to help with this. I never thought I would say this but I'd rather have hip pain any day over back pain!

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Sloan said...

Oh gosh Suzie. I totally can relate. Just to compare is your back pain on the side of wher you did not have your last surgery? My scope was on the left and the right side just freaked out about a year later. First it referred into the hip making me think that I had torn that side. I ended up herniating it as well with the overcompenating. Again apart from the myofascia release I can honestly say that the pilates that I started a couplw week ago has helped significantly with the rebalancing of my body. Starting with my left feet, and knee. They are still weaker than the right side. After all these years. Amazing. You should see my whole body shaking when doing a one leg press on the left side on the pilates reformer. But just the floor works helps so much with keeping the core unified. And I love my muscle relaxer as well as my nerve pill. Try not to take it too often though because I do feel a little loopy the following day. God Bless..