Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Glamours of NYC

Today was my top secret PT appointment in the city! I will get into it when I have more time, but tonight I may have to kill one of my children! No one is going to bed! Anyway, as I was coming home, minding my own business, a super creepy guy came over to me and said "has anyone ever told you you have sexy legs", to which I clearly had no response, other than my jaw dropping, because really, what does one say to a super creepy guy who thinks yoir gimpy legs are sexy. J got a good laugh out of this!


Anonymous said...

c'mon need to change it from the creepy guy to "a hot, sexy guy" approached me and told me i have great legs....then J would be jealous! :)

Sports Herniac said...

hi susie, i just found your blog. i have surgery with dr bk on march 22nd. i am about to head to hss today for some pre-op pt with jamie.
my back has been bothering me off and on for a while now, esp after certain exercises. i am hoping it's like what you have- muscle tightness and trigger points.
ugh, this sucks!
anyhow, thanks for the blog. i am ready for the surgery yet not ready. i live upstate a bit so the post-op pt will be tough.

Natalie said...

That's funny, Susie. All that PT for your hips has paid off in the form of sexy legs.

Maria said...

You could have said, "yeah, if you think my legs are should see my sexy scars on my hips...If you don't back off, you're gonna have a scar transversing your face!