Sunday, October 18, 2009

Who Wants To Bring It To The Media

There was recently a newscast locally which spoke about FAI and labral tears

I have thought about contacting that station to see if they would run a story about UHC calling the surgery experimental, my only issue is that I am not currently being denied anything, rather, it seems, just a trouble maker!!!! Does anybody out there have a pending denial who would like to initiate this, I would do everything I can to help, as I am sure others would too. This would make a great headline!!

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Maria said...

I will back up anyone that would. I had to fight UHC for months to get them to pay. I would love to share with the newscast that the external reviewer indicated to me that UHC was not making ethical sense in denying my claim and was arbitrary in their denial.

UHC was ordered to pay my claim.