Thursday, October 14, 2010


I decided to give running one more chance, how bad can it be, I already had 4 hip surgeries, hurt my ankle, peed all over myself and hurt my shoulder...does lightning really strike twice????

So....most importantly, the pelvic floor exercises really worked, no more incontinence on the treadmill!!! This was the main reason I hadn't gone back to running. It was a huge concern of mine and luckily I was able to take care of it. The hips and ankles did great as well. Unfortunately, running bothered my shoulder.....strange as it sounds. At about 22 minutes I gave up completely on running and stuck to walking, I guess the pounding and vibrations seem to upset it too much.

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SHC said...

Hey! Good on you for trying again though!

Sometimes I think I'm nuts, too... after 7 hip surgeries (including a PAO), lumbar fusion, a/c decompression, dvt, lingering mp and blue thigh issues and stabbing pains, a severely rolled ankle (weak muscles from all the hip surgeries), dvt, 6 months of anti-coagulants, hair falling out in clumps, ivc filter and removal (and punctured inferior vena cava upon retrieval) and now the other hip is flaring up at times with, I believe, a cam impingement...yeah, perhaps we're nuts BUT once we get up the hill we just finally want to try to run down the other side from time to time, now don't we?!

You'll get there though Susie! I used to, before being given the go ahead to try to run again, wonder if I ever would again...but since I couldn't before, I committed myself to being the best WALKER I could be!

Hold tight, hold all that YOU can be at this moment in time...and don't worry, you will get step, one day at a time! =)