Sunday, April 28, 2013

MRI and CT are done!

I was finally able to have my scans last week (report coming in the next day or so). I already spoke to my OS and have his report on it. My osteotomy is pretty much healed which is amazing at 4.5 months. My allograft looks great as do all my muscles. No tears in my glutes and no denervation. My glute med is a little atrophied but that is to be expected. I do have a lot of inflammation and irritation laterally from the screws so they will come out. The question is when. Technically, my osteotomy is healed enough to do it now but that would be incredibly aggressive. I am going to have the bursa injected to give me some more time and the screws can come out in the next 2months or so, giving the osteotomy sufficient time to be healed.


Pepper said...

I think I comminted on your post a few days ago that I had my bursa sac injected on the 29 of April. I couldn't sleep on that greater trochanter side and when my os touched it and did one of those dang hip test I liked to of said some bad things. But the injection helps. Take care praying for u in Mississippi. I had the microfracture with 3 tears in labral cartlidge fixed at the end of jan. 8 weeks on 2 crutches now on cane for stair and incline use. It has been a long 13 weeks. People just don't realize even though it's arthroscopic if they do micro or shave ur femur things take time to heal. And my foot still is not right from the traction that it is under. People better do their research and no what questions to ask and what pt they will be doing. Ur pt is ur best friend if they don't know about hip arthroscopy and the different micro and osteoplasmy they can hurt u worse. Hang in there Susie u have been an inspiration to a football coach in Mississippi. Ur one tough lady. Because what u r going thru I know is rough. Will ask the good lord to ease ur pain.

Susie said...

It's so incredibly difficult and I can't say it enough...people don't get it. Thank you for your kind words

Pepper said...

You r so welcome