Saturday, April 13, 2013

OS#2 not too concerned

If you recall, my "regular" OS who did my 5 (yes, 5) scopes had to brig in another OS to do the osteotomy portion of my surgery. He happens to be a pediatric hip surgeon and the one who I took my son to last summer when he was having hip pain. Yesterday my son happened to have a follow up with him and my crutches were a topic if conversation. His nurse first said that with multiple surgeries it is common for the glute to take a while to wake up. He concurred and he also said that he doesn't cut the glute. So my first question (in my head) was why does my OS think it was cut? They routinely do this surgery together. OS#2 barely batted an eye at the fact that I can't walk. I don't think I told him about the pain but regardless- he was cool with it. I asked his nurse later on if they would order scans at this point (4 months) and she said probably not. At 6 months they would. So I am confused about my OS concern, esp bc he is never concerned about anything it seems. I am still going ahead w the scans- the best case scenario will be glut tendinitis that will resolve w the screw removal.

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Anonymous said...

Grrr. That's annoying. Do you think that you could ask your normal OS to talk with the pediatric OS given the discrepancy in what they're saying?