Wednesday, April 10, 2013

OS not too happy

I spoke with my OS last night who is no longer ok with me being on crutches. It's not "normal" anymore and he wants to figure out why. He said that I may be having problems from my glute medius tendon which is cut and then repaired at the end of the surgery. It is most likely very irritated from the screws but we have to rule out other problems like denervation or tears. I went to see my PT today but the appointment was hijacked by my OS. He said (again) that my screws must come out ASAP. The soonest it can be done safely is 6 months but I have to have a CT to check the healing of the osteotomy. My PT checked all my muscles and my ROM and everything is great except for my glut. med. All the muscles fire well but the med wont turn on. Which is why I can't walk. I should hopefully have the scans in the next few days as my OS is anxious to see what is going on. I am beyond upset with this and wish my hip would just cooperate, for once.


Hotchickie said...

I am so sorry you are having so many problems. After so many surgeries, it gets to a point where it is ridiculous and utterly frustrating having to continuously deal with pain. I hope you get some answers and maybe some relief after you become unscrewed.

Susie said...

Thank you! I feel like I am living a nightmare

Hotchickie said...

You ain't alone! Hang in there. My journey has blown up into a nightmare as well. Stupid hips.