Thursday, August 15, 2013

Post- medrol dose pack

I am happy to say the medrol dose pack helped my leg tremendously. The burning I had in my foot is gone and I have graduated to one crutch/ no crutch at times. The medrol was one of the worst meds I have ever taken in my life and will publicly say I will never ever take it again. I started it on a Saturday morning and by afternoon I was feeling amazing, my pain was at least 50% better. By Monday 80% better, one crutch and a friend noted I had a "spring in my step". It was a tapering dose, starting with 6 and one less each day. I realized Tuesday I forgot my last Monday night dose so I took it after breakfast. About 20 minutes later I started having a bad reaction and I honestly though I was going to die. Now I realize I was having a panic attack from the meds but at the time..... I was really scared. My heart would start racing and I would feel like I was going to pass out, and then the feeling would just go away. It finally stopped after a few hours. I called my pharmacist who said take more food with it. When I took it that night I was fine. The next morning it happened again but not quite as badly. That night things got really bad and the panic attack was intense. I still didn't know it was a panic attack. I was shaking on top of everything , I was home alone and freaking out. My husband called my brother in law who happens to be a doctor and lives down the block. He immediately realized it was a panic attack- which is a side effect of the medrol, and had me take Ativan to stop it. For the next 6 days I had to take Ativan to deal with the effects of it. I also skipped the final dose because I was so scared to take more. Luckily I got enough in me to get me over the hump!

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