Monday, August 5, 2013

6+ weeks from hardware removal

As usual, things have been slow, if nothing else. At 6 weeks I was still in crutches without a firing glute and to make matters worse, I had burning in my foot. It started around week 5 and was not getting better. I saw my OS last week who wanted me to start a Medrol dose pack (tapered steroids). I initially said no, and we agreed to increase Lyrica and the compound cream I have. A few days later I was going to rip off my was time for the steroids. I started them Saturday morning and by lunchtime I felt better. That night I had very little burning in my foot. On Sunday my whole leg felt better and I was using one crutch all day. I feel like superwoman, I even cleaned up the entire kitchen last night, emptied 2 dishwashers, bathed the kids.... I know I know..... Don't overdo it....but I feel like I am free!!!! I have a small worry in the back of my mind.... What will happen in 4 days when I am done....but I am trying not to worry about it and rather enjoy this liberating feeling of finally feeling better! I will report later in the week!

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Nitewriter said...

Hope the dose pak does the trick. I tend to overdo too when I'm feeling good. I know the feeling of being off crutches and having some freedom. All the best for continuing decreased pain.