Sunday, July 7, 2013

2.5 weeks post hardware removal

I have a few complaints to make... The first is that my OS said this would be easiest surgery out of the 7..... It has not been. Also, I was expecting a 3" incision. We are at about 9" or 10". As usual, my post op period has not gone as planned. Initially I was in so much pain from swelling. I developed a large bump at the top of my incision. My OS told me it was probably a hematoma and not to worry. My massage therapist showed me how to do lymphedema work on it. The next day it was a lot smaller but my leg looked like it had been through a war. I've never, in my personal and professional life seen bruising like this. It is slowly resolving. About 6 days post op I was sitting at my computer trying to work and I became extremely dizzy. I moved back into bed and basically stayed there for days. I was so sick- weak, dizzy, lightheaded, nauseous, headache etc. I've never felt so sick before. 4 days later I was still sick and could barely pick up my head off of my pillow. I asked my OS what he thought and what could be causing this- he didn't know but suggested I go to urgent care if it got worse. At urgent care I was seen by a nurse practitioner who felt that I had decreased breath sounds and sent me to the ER to rule out a PE (pulmonary embolus). I was really hoping urgent care would give me IV fluids and send me home!! At the ER they did give me IV fluids and some Reglan, ran a million labs and did a CT to check for a PE. Everything came back negative but once I had the IV I felt so much better. I spent the entire week following the ER in bed (again) slowly recovering. I am finally feeling a lot better, which I attribute to my acupuncturist who I saw 2 days ago. The day I saw her I felt worse but I woke up the next day feeling great. I am still on crutches and hope that when I see my OS this week he will let me go down to 1.

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