Monday, March 18, 2013

15 weeks postop

Time is slowly going by, almost as slow as my walking speed. I never dreamed that at 15 weeks I would still be on crutches, but here we are, slowly moving forward. I am down to 1 crutch most of the time in the house. At times I get too tired for one and the pain doesn't allow me to be on just one. But, sometimes I lose one crutch! I have Millennials and they are side specific, so they are not interchangeable. And since my right hip is the involved one, I need the left crutch. Sometimes I have to make a choice, do I walk to the kitchen with one crutch, even though my leg really can't handle it, or do I go and look for the lost right crutch? It takes longer to find the lost crutch most of the time so I go with choice A!! Groin pain continues to improve. Lateral pain is there and is exacerbated with a lot of walking and activity. I still can't fully lie on that side. My new cream def helps when I remember to apply it. My PT situation has changed and I am without a PT right now. I have an appointment w a massage therapist this week and hopefully it will be a weekly thing if I like him. I hope I can be disciplined enough to do the exercises on my own. I had been really good about doing abs every day but have been slacking lately. Work is busy and so is life!! My recovery has been anything but linear, and probably best describes as a staircase!

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