Thursday, January 16, 2014

One Month Post Trochanteric Bursa Injection

Things improved with my injection. The swelling in my leg went down miraculously and the bursa started to feel better. I have been able to pretty much get rid of my crutches for the most part. I had a little scare a few weeks ago, my groin pain came back. I had a melt down. Literally. I flipped out. Luckily my OS and PT were very responsive to my drama and I had an MRI and an appointment with him right away. Luckily there is no problem with my new labrum, and even better, it has integrated so well into my hip that the radiologist didn't know it was an allograft. The pain may be from an inflamed suture in my capsule, but things will hopefully settle with some more PT. Pt has been going well, but has been incredibly painful. I have a very very angry hip, and all my muscles are always angry and have developed tendonitis. My OS broke it down nicely, I basically have 4 problems, adductor tendonitis causing medial pain, abductor tendonitis and trochnateric bursitis causing lateral pain, hamstring tendonitis causing posterior pain and the suture issue causing groin pain. All in all one big barrel of fun.... Life has begun to be more normal in some respects. I am able to run short errands with no crutches and attend work meetings as well throughout the city. I get pain with prolonged standing and walking. It has been about a month since my injection and I feel some of the bursitis returning,but hopefully it won't be so bad this time. It has been 13 months since I had the open dislocation and I never, in a million years, expected such a roller coaster of a recovery.


Janell Smith said...

Hi Susie,
I stumbled across your blog yesterday simply by researching if it was normal to have pain while drive with FAI. Your blog is very information and helpful, but OH MY GOODNESS! What a wild ride you have had.

I have had hip pain since the beginning of '08 with no answers until mid 2012 when a physical therapist suggested that my pain could possibly be a labral tear.

After MRI with contract, it was shown that I had extensive tearing and a femoral bump .5cm x 1.2cm x 1cm. I have not idea if that is small or substantial or anything.
The MRI report just said, "Femoral bump that could lead to FAI syndrome."

the surgeon I went to (specializes in hip replacements, but does a lot of arthroscopy also) believed that simply debriding the torn parts of the labrum would cure the problem and said that he didn't think reshaping the femoral head was necessary if the frayed parts of the labrum were removed out of its way.

Needless to say, I never got full relief from the pain. It did get a little bit better. I went from being in pain almost anytime I was on my feet, to being able to be on my feet for 10-15 minutes before the pain starts. I know right?

Anyway, after I started having occasional pain in my left I decided to go back to my Hip surgeon to see what was up. His referred me to another doctor and said, "I referred the complex cases to him because I specialize in Hip replacements."

I thought to myself, "Why didnt you say that a year and a half ago?"

anyway, I can't see him until March so I'm back to taking occasional pain meds and using a handicap placard when I go anywhere due to the fact that I just simply can't walk very far without being in pain.

This is a long post I know, but I feel like I can finally talk to someone who understands. My partner is over-the-top helpful and tries so hard to limit my steps and keep me from doing anything I don't have to do, but someone "helping" is not the same as someone "understanding." Know what I mean?

Plus I don't want to whine all the time about the pain. I just suck it up and go about my day..

Anyway, any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated, or just an ear is also appreciated.

Thanks for your blog!


Susie said...

Hi janell, I would find a dr that specializes in hip preservation rather than replacement. Sounds like your FAI was missed and needs to be addressed. Find the best surgeon you can get to, and travel if necessary. Revisions are more complicated but can "fix" you if done properly