Wednesday, January 23, 2013

7 1/2 weeks post op

I saw my OS last week and he is very happy w my bone healing. He wants me to slowly wean off of crutches but not before 4 weeks. I have been having a tough time but the last few days seem to finally show me there is hope! I have actually gotten dressed (skirt and tights!) 2 days in a row for a few hours. The pain is less as well. I keep thinking of what a fellow hip friend told me- recovery is not linear! I keep reminding myself of that. 
My PT keeps telling me how strong I am and how mobile I am. Yes, I can get on and off the bed, on and off the floor, all around the kitchen. I guess you can say I am seasoned!!
I am so happy that things are turning around. I am going to drive tmrw morning. I've driven a teeny bit but it is painful. I have the added problem now that there is a bus strike in nyc so I am relying on friends to transport my kids. Z walks to school and my neighbor has been taking him but we are in the middle of a deep freeze and walking to school is just not an option. I will drive him the 2 blocks tmrw and hopefully the pain won't be too bad. It has been 7+ weeks and not driving is becoming a burden. 

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