Thursday, December 20, 2012

Post-op Appt

Post Op Appointment I went in to my first post op appt with one goal in mind- to discuss pain control. This week has been pretty bad and the Norco I have been taking just wasn't cutting it anymore. I had to go back and add in Percocet and I was taking a lot of pills. My OS was very pleased w my progress but not happy with my pain levels. He offered me Dilaudid which I felt was way to strong for me. He told me to try it since some people respond differently to different drugs. So I reluctantly accepted the prescription and had it filled immediately. I have to say it is my new wonder drug. As I write this it is 430pm, I took one pill at 7am followed by 2 Tyelnols at 11 and am having the best day I've had all week. I'm also taking Lyrica 3x/day and icing as needed. I definitely have some side effects from it, in the morning I felt a little woozy but nothing like the way I feel on Percocet. Functionally, nothing has changed. I still basically lay around all day. I can't drive and sitting is uncomfortable. I know that this is the norm but its a tough pill to swallow for me. My kids are off from school next week which will make for a very interesting week.

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