Sunday, November 11, 2012

Open Surgery Scheduled

December 3rd.....details to follow


Sasha Remnant said...

Good luck with your open surgery :-) I hope it goes well.
It would be nice to get some advice from you as Im just waiting on my first of two operation dates to come through.
After a year and a half of seeing many different doctors, physio's, orthopedics and now finally a hip specialist orthopedic/surgeon. They now know I have FAI and after my recent MRI scans they did on my right and left hip with contrast dye - which was extremely painful. They said I have CAM on both sides, there doesnt seem to be pincer like the expected because of a x ray. But I have a labral tear on both my right and left. With the left making a complete tear (if that makes sense to you).
Theyre going to do key hole first on my right as thats the one I suffer pain from the most and then my left four months after my right hip. Im ver scared as I havent had an operation before I was wandering if you could tell me how bad the recovery is? Is the pain really bad? It seems alot of comments state the op doesnt make a difference or infact makes it worse :-(
Im a 19 year old student from dorset, england.
Sasha xx

Neil said...

I just had L hip scope, labral tear repair and FAI debridement at wrightington, tuseday last week, It's not half as bad as you would expect - home next day (I have to fly to the Isle of Man) pain is not much worse than the FAI and tear after the first day or two. You'll be FINE! Neil