Sunday, September 30, 2012

MRI results and discussion with my OS

I got my MRI results on Thursday and was not too happy. (I will post the report later). In short, my labrum is degenerated, one of the anchors holding it in is not really holding, I have evidence of micro instability and have cartilage damage that has progressed since my MRI in may. I was freaking out all day Thursday, I couldn't believe the changes in the MRI in just 4 months and that I was unstable again. I sent my OS an urgent email that I NEEDED to speak with him. I knew he was going to the hip meeting the next day but I was so freaked out I didn't know what to do. 

He called me the next night and went over the MRI with me. The labral allograft clearly wasn't working and my ligamentum teres was once again all stretched out. He had discussed my MRI with second opinion OS but wasn't actually able to look at it with him bc of computer issues. He would do that the next day and go over it with other colleagues he trusts. 

He feels terrible and says I am the victim of a learning process that has gone on in the field of hip arthroscopy, he said had I come to him just a few months later I would probably not have gone through all of this. His reasoning for the last scope failing was that possibly the fluid medium during the scope affected the allograft, scopes are done with fluid in the joint to help with visualization. 
What we both agree on is that I will not have another scope to fix this. The only way to do it now is with an open surgical dislocation so he can have full access to the joint, full view, do a very very thorough assessment, a high quality labral reconstruction and a full capsule repair. 
I have been thinking about open surgery for the last few weeks so I was well prepared for this conversation, held it together and was in complete agreement. 
My OS is supposed to call me back after reviewing the new MRI at the conference and I guess we need to discuss details and timing etc. 
As far as timing goes- it couldn't be worse, I just started my own practice and don't know exactly how I will take so much time off. I guess things have always worked out in the past so they should work out this time too. I just want to close this chapter in my life and move on. 


Anonymous said...

Please do not let Dr Kelly operate on your hip again - scope, open, or otherwise! You need to see another OS. He is not the only one in your area, or in traveling distance, who has the expertise to help you.

Anonymous said...'s been a long haul for you but you have an incredible team and now a solid game plan to put an end to this long journey. You are in great hands, can't think of a better team. Best of luck!