Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6+ Months Post-OP

Wow, I have really neglected my readers so I sincerely apologize. Luckily, I have been extremely busy with my new practice and some days barely have time to breathe. As I previously wrote, I was having a period of intense anxiety with real, physical manifestations including heart palpitations and occasional high blood pressure. I have been able to almost completely control this with acupuncture treatments. It is such a wonderful feeling to feel like I am back in control of my own body. The first time I went, I was lying on the table and could feel my body relaxing, as I completely relaxed, pain crept back into my hip. As the anxiety has gotten under control, and as I have increased the number of hours I work, the pain in my hip has returned. If I had to choose anxiety or hip pain, I would choose hip pain any day.

I actually spoke with my OS last night and the only way I could explain it to him is that "my hip doesn't fit me right, it is still feeling too 'loose' ". He is at a complete loss and his only suggestion is to try PRP or prolotherapy into the capsule and hope it scars down. I am not doing anything at the moment, I have way too much going on with work, I am extremely overwhelmed with the responsibility and time it takes to make a new  practice successful...but I am loving it!! The PRP in my hamstring was a smashing success but I had 2 weeks of really bad pain, I really can't afford the downtime right now. I am scheduled to see him in 2 months, at that point I will re-evaluate the situation and if I am still in pain, possibly consider the injection. The cortisone was great while it lasted but I can't get another one yet, and its probably not a great idea if I want to preserve my hip in any way shape or form.

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What a great post. I’m emailing this to my friends.

Ryan Pedvin said...

I havent read much of your blog but you had fai surgeries done correct? Did the surgeon close the capsule or leave it open? My first faisurgery, the doc left it open (better for older patients). It felt fixed, the deflated baloon feeling was gone but it didnt feel "whole," it felt loose and it was hard for me to understand what i was feeling. I went to another os because the guy who did the first didnt have much experience with lengthening the psoas tendon (i had painful snapping) and when he got in there he said that there was definite play in the joint. Now it feels much tighter. I know you said that it had felt loose... i gusss some surgeons leave the capsule open and it can be hard for people who are athletic or really flexible in the hips if its left open. Hope you feel better, i just went through two years of hell and its hard to keep up mentally and emotionally but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe changing os may help?